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Aug 2, 2007 07:01 AM

what do you cook to impress?

if you had just one meal to make to impress someone, say a romantic interest, what would you make?

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  1. Find out what he or she really likes; the thoughtfulness will outshine any culinary skills.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      I have to agree with this. Whenever I want to please my guests, I always specifically ask what they especially enjoy, and work around that. I may make the best Quiche Lorraine around, but if my company are on diets for instance, they aren't going to appreciate the fact that I slaved to make them that artery clogging meal.

      1. re: MobyRichard

        Great choice MobyRichard, perhaps the individual Beef Wellingtons served with grilled asparagus w/a light balsamic dressing.

        1. re: giveittomikey

          Unless you're feeding a vegetarian, or someone who doesn't eat red meat, or a low-carb-er who won't eat the pastry. I reiterate: find out what your special guest likes & dislikes before you plan something magnificent & complicated. Nothing worse than going whole-hog to have your lovely meal go uneaten due to food allergies, diet restrictions, or ethical matters. Then you & your guest BOTH feel uncomfortable.

      2. I make a killer osso buco and wild mushroom risotto. Make for the hubby's b-day every year

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        1. re: HungryRubia

          I too do an osso bucco that I am quite proud of, but am lacking in risotto skills. You wouldn't care to share your wild mushroom risotto recipe, would you?

          1. re: Mothership

            My risotto recipe is from Epicurious. I've included the link below. It is very very good and I've never made it using real truffles because I just can't afford it. But I have made it with truffle oil and sometimes without. Either way its good. This is the time to use all sorts of fancy/exotic mushrooms. Enjoy.

        2. Don't forget a gooey chocolate dessert with champagne. Chocolate lava cake maybe, or chocolate fondue so you can feed eachother.