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Aug 2, 2007 05:13 AM

Smoked paprika

HI! Can anyone tell me where to get smoked paprika in the Halifax-Dartmouth area?



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  1. I was just in Pete's Frootique this morning and they carry spanish Hot smoked paprika and also Sweet smoked paprika. It is not located in the spice section. Ask a clerk in the grocery section and they will find it for you. Do you have a favourite way to use it? I bought 2 tins and I am not sure what to do with it.

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      I use it in Paella, bbq rubs and jambalaya. It's seems more intense than regular paprika, it's got a smokey roasted flavor. Like the difference between a sauteed red bell and a roasted one, so I guess in place of reg paprika, wherever a little smokey taste would be welcome

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        I use the sweet variation in a wonderful potatoes-in-tomato-sauce tapas dish called Patatas Brava - yum!

        btw - the Spanish name for it is pimentón - might help find more recipes online!

      2. Thankyou! I've never actually used it, but I keep coming across recipes that call for it. Sounds like i4details has some good ideas!

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          I made breaded pork chops for dinner tonight. In the breadcrumbs I added abit of the smoked paprika. They were delicious! Just opening the tin and taking a whiff is a wonderful sensory experience! Do a search on Chowhounds for smoked paprika and you will find lots of ideas on how to use this product from Spain.

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            If you are down Chester way, the Kiwi Cafe carries the smoked paprika,(sweet and hot) they use it in their delicious Hungarian Mushroom soup also.

        2. I order mine online from Penzeys. Its got a great smokey flavor and reasonably priced.

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            Do you have an E-mail address for Penzeys?