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Aug 1, 2007 10:23 PM

Tesco/Fresh and Easy Markets - Good?

We just learned that there is a Tesco/Fresh and Easy Market opening in our neighborhood in Ventura County in Southern California.

I checked their website, but I don't know much about these British markets. Does anyone have any experience shopping at a Tesco/Fresh and Easy Market?

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  1. would love a Tesco's in Florida where Publix has the monopoly. their own brand stuff is fab. Not sure what a Fresh and Easy Market is though

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    1. re: smartie

      Thanks for the response, smartie. I will keep in mind to look for their brand "stuff."

      Apparently, the Fresh and Easy Market will be a small-ish store with fresh, organic produce and other items. They are taking a large supermarket that has been empty for awhile and subdividing it; thus, it will not be a full-size store. Beginning with an empty store, they expect to open in about 4 - 5 months.

    2. This is Tesco's first entry into the US market. I heard a bit about them on the radio tonight. They think they see a niche in going into under-served areas where there are only convenience stores and such and offering fresh food. They were talking about locations in inner cities, etc, which are typically not well served by standard groceries. They're starting all on the west coast from what I remember.

      Should be interesting to see. We have a local chain, Giant Eagle, that is experimenting with a couple of similar-sized and similar concept stores. Tesco from what I know has done well in Britain adapting different store models to different locations. In this country, though, or at least from what I've seen, we don't have so much of this going on. The shrunken groceries we're used to are less likely to have fresh foods in my experience.

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      1. re: CrazyOne

        Thanks, CrazyOne, for this information.
        I can't imagine why they are coming into our neighborhood to compete with an accessible Gelson's, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Bristol Farms, and all the other huge chain markets. We are only minutes away from so many...I just don't know if they can co-exist.

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          From what I've read Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the world (I think 2nd only to Walmart??). They tried to buy the Albertson's chain a while back and were unsuccessful, so they decided to go it on their own with a launch in Southern California and Nevada. I know they were looking for space in parts of Orange County, CA, that have a major supermarket every few miles, so I don''t know about how selective they're being. Should be interesting.

        2. I don't know whether this is the same concept, but I was in a smallish Tesco in suburban Manchester a couple of years ago. It was somewhere between a big convenience store and very small supermarket. And it was nothing special.

          The go to markets in the UK were Waitrose, Sainsbury's, and the Marks & Spencer St. Michael products.

          1. Tesco is a UK based food retailer, probably the third largest supermarket chain in the world. They do a phenomenal job compared to most of the US based megachains.

            They have a very strong presence on the web and post prices.

            They do a great job and will do quite well.

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            1. re: jlawrence01

              Your remarks are very encouraging, jlawrence01, and I am anxious to try this new market in a few months.

              1. re: liu

                Hi liu, there are two going in the Phoenix area soon, too. They'll be focusing on fresh, premade foods, i.e., hot bars, salad bars, etc. And individually packaged prepared foods. Higher end options. Makes total sense that they'd be near Gelson's, Whole Foods, etc...that's the market they're after.

            2. Fresh and Easy markets are going to be small, about the size of a Trader Joe's. They're not just going into under-serverd communities, but they're not avoiding those communities like the major US chains seem to. They're aiming to have a lot of healthy prepared food at good prices, and they want it to be a place where people can hang out too. The LA times had a great article on them, apparently they did an extensive amount of market research. I'm looking forward to them opening...I don't always like cooking, and would love to find a place with well priced healthy prepared foods.

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              1. re: writergirl

                actually, here in LA they all seem to be going in right next to established supermarkets.