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Aug 1, 2007 09:32 PM

The votes are in...

Here's a doc listing the top chains according to Restaurants And Institutions. I agree with most of the Platinum picks except perhaps Olive Garden. And I would choose In And Out over Red Robin, though I believe the nod to Culver's in the burger category is warranted.

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  1. Seems that this list was produced with California in mind. Can't easily find a number of these places in other parts of the country.

    1. id say casual dining should go to cheesecake over pf changs. olive garden the best italian! ha! macaroni grill beats it by far. completely agree on papa murphys take n bake pizzas they kick major butt. i'd say dunkin donuts should have made for best coffee/snacks over tim hortons.

      interesting though

      1. A contest for the best of the mediocre mass-produced homogenized slop. Now there's a good expediture of time, energy and resources.

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        1. re: mgb

          hilarious..., great post, I couldnt have said it better myself.

        2. wtf Tim Hortons is 3rd!? Come on!! I wish there was something better than platinum because it should be that.

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          1. re: reubensandperrier

            Olive Garden better than Buca?! That's funny! haha

          2. Correct me if i'm wrong, isn't Famous Dave's a BBQ place? How is it considered a steakhouse?

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            1. re: HitchChic

              Your right Famous Dave's is a BBQ place. They do have not to shabby steaks but to claim them as a steakhouse is pure blasphemy