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Aug 1, 2007 08:10 PM

Suggestions for an early Sunday family dinner near SUNY Maritime, Throgs Neck


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  1. which side are you coming from - the bronx side or the queens side? if you're on the queens side, throgs neck is really close to the whitestone and bayside communities, perhaps you can find something there?

    if you want korean bbq, there's dae dong manor on northern blvd near springfield. that is very close to the cross island pkway exit for northern blvd.

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    1. re: Linda

      Thanks..we are coming from the Bronx side..I guess that is helpful to kno :-)

      1. re: Nelle

        I am officially a Boston hound as of the last 2 years, but I grew up splitting my time between Queens and the Bronx. I would recommend Patricia's for Italian on E Tremont in Throggs Neck, and if they take reservations, make them - the only time I ate there that it wasn't packed was around 3:30 in the afternoon on a weekday.

        1. re: rosie17

          I just also remembered a great meal I had at Tosca on E Tremont in Throggs Neck - I believe it was red snapper with capers, don't recall the sauce but it was excellent, and the bread was good too. Tosca's got more of a "scene" than Patricia's, lots of young naighborhood people at the bar on weekends but imagine not at an early Sunday dinner.

          1. re: rosie17

            Thanks..I spoke with Anthony at Patricia's and they will hold a table for us. 4 kids is enough of a scene for me...I thnk we will try Tosca another time. thanks for the recs.

    2. Huge portions, cheap, and very decent Italian right up the street from Maritime. I think the white-haired Sal has returned to cooking there. He's *very* good. The food might be looking a little more on the up and up since he's come back. Load up on the seafood (if you like).

      Mamma Lucia's

      Patricia's is good also on E Tremont although not that close to Maritime. Tosca's is better, if not the BEST choice for you (ambiance, location, and food). The other poster had what's called Snapper alla Livornese. They make a nice one there. The chef there cuts his sauces with pureed red roasted peppers which is delicious especially over pasta. Now I'm hungry.

      BTW, forgot to mention Patricia's might be packed on Sunday. Just a heads up.