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Aug 1, 2007 07:41 PM

visitors from Chile

WE will be spending one day with visitors from Chile, I was thinking of taking them to Napa to visit one or two wineries followed by a nice late lunch either in Napa or returning to the city . Need some help trying to figure out the best way to spend the day giving them a nice sample of the area while also keeping the buget real.

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  1. To keep the budget real, you might want to visit northern Sonoma County instead, where you won't have to pay per park/taste, and where tourbus hell doesn't exist. I'd find out if possible what kind of day your visitors want - if they want a "country" experience, with wines, etc., or a city one. Having been to Chile many many times, and having friends down there, I'd venture to say they may appreciate more a "city" day with a creative San Francisco restaurant with interesting cooking methods, and/or "atypical" asian fare. [I say this because typical cuisine down there revolves around fresh fish/meats/vegetables that are tasty but with quite uninsipred preparation]. If they are from the central parts of Chile and you spend much time driving in the countryside, they will feel just like they're at home, which may not be what they want to do as visitors here.

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      How does a short trip over the GG Bridge to a winerey and then dinner at A16 sound?. I haven't eaten at A16 but it seems like its in a good area for walking around, or could anyone sugjest a restaurant in Sausalito

    2. What about a trip down hwy 1 and stopping at Bonny Doon? Not the sort of winery they'll get in Chile! If you have stamina (and aren't prone to carsickness) you can go to the Big Basin Redwoods park in the Santa Cruz mountains. Check out the Santa Cruz Winery listings on the web for other ideas (e.g. Ridge or David Bruce.)

      1. Honestly, if I had one day w/ international visitors, I'd spend it in SF proper, unless they've been before a few times or they requested wineries. Seems to me a trip to wine country will require at least 3 hours in the car - time better spend hanging in SF.

        There's just so much more to see/do in SF with many more interesting options (price wise as well). I don't know Chilean cuisine but I tend to agree with Asian fusion or something that's not the norm for them.

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          The update... took them to Sausalito on the Ferry after wondering the Ferry Bulding a bit. Had a light lunch and returned to SF where we took them on driving tour ...Alamo Square, Palace of Fine Arts, Marina Green, then a fabulous dinner at Palmetto on Union Street. The next day they spent doing more traditional tourist stuff on ther own, cable car etc. Ofcourse they loved their visit to San Francisco

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            Thanks so much for reporting back. I'm curious about your dinner, though. How about a report on Palmetto? Maybe in a new thread?

        2. I have an extended group of SF friends that are Chilenos (most here less than 5 years). I'm not sure your guest's ages, but Chileans love places with a good music/dancing and the 25-40 year old crowd are really big fans of reggae music.

          I'd sport them around the City. They have so many wineries in their country that unless they really want to go wine tasting, I'd just stick to SF. I'd also agree with the Asian Fusion.