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Aug 1, 2007 07:41 PM

ISO Romanian white bread

I'm looking for a store that sells the white bread that they serve at Acasa and Romanian Garden. Planning on making some eggplant spread and fasole batuta and need that wonderful soft bread that goes with it. A plus too if you know of any specialty Romanian bakeries or grocers in Queens--Sunnyside/Astoria area. Thanks!

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  1. Nita's European Bakery
    40-10 Greenpoint Avenue
    Sunnyside, Queens
    (718) 784-4047

    1. At Sunnyside Meat market and Massis (both at 43rd ave w 43rd st) you can find some groceries, mineral water etc, also Muncan in Astoria (B-way at 42nd st. I think). They all carry the kind of bread similar to Acasa's.