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Aug 1, 2007 07:27 PM


Looking for reasonable priced food choices in Kamloops BC. Planning on going up for a weekend. My spouse is not an adventurous diner---boring!

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  1. zipper:

    Although we stay overnite in Kamloops en route to and back from our annual vacation to Tofino we usually end up in a "chain" rather than fine or just plain interesting dining.

    More often than not, if not a chain we resort to room service as we have usually had a solid day of driving.

    If we stay the end of town which you encounter when you descend from the Coquihalla we have had good meals at Ric's Grill. There is one in the Sheraton Hotel. Yes it is a chain and can be quite boring, steak and beef dominate. However, we have some very good meals there complemented by a better than average wine list with some good options from the Okanagan.

    I have been to other of their locations including here in Edmonton and the food has not been as good.

    Someone else recommended a spot called the Brown Door or something to that effect which I think is downtown but we never sought it out.

    Let us know if you get any recommendations as we'll be out there Thanksgiving Week-end.

    1. I stayed overnight in Kamloops last week .... by the time I unpacked and hit the main street it was 9 p.m., and most places were shutting down. I had no desire to get back in the car, so finally settled on (gulp) Boston Pizza, a chain I'd never visited. I had a perfectly acceptable BBQ chicken pizza, a fresh-tasting side spinach salad, and a very tasty draft beer. Amazing what you'll settle for at the end of a long day's drive!