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Aug 1, 2007 07:25 PM

Best Providence College Send-Off Steak Dinner

I am planning to take my son the sophomore and his two roommates for a send-off steak dinner in Providence. Last year, we went to the Capital Grill and honestly, as convenient as it was, I was underwhelmed and it very impersonal. I know it's a chain, but it was too formulaic. I would love some alternative recs. The dinner will coincide with Waterfire, so proximity to it would be awesome.

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  1. XO Steakhouse is VERY close, and has plenty on the menu for those who want something else.

    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of 10 Prime Steak & Sushi but w/a couple of college boys it might be your best bet.....funky, can be loud, hip bar scene, lots of fun. Also a stone's throw from Waterfire.

    1. Hmm, if Waterfire and steak are what you after I would say the best bet would be Ruth's Chris and sit outside. They have a beautiful outside seating area that overlooks the basin now.

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        Doh! Talk about missing the obvious! Well, if you can't get a res at RC's, I still say 10 Prime is the way to go.

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          Thanks so much for the recommendations. I was able to score a table at Ruth's Chris on the Patio at 6:30 and at XO Steakhouse at 8:00 pm and at Ten Prime for 7:30. I love the idea of being outside on the patio at RC's but also love the fact that XO and Ten Prime are local places, and since my son is so high on Providence (not literally I hope) it is nice to patronize an owner-operated restaurant, which I assume XO and Ten Prime are. There is a Ruth's Chris in my home town of Toronto, which frankly we have never been to as we have, IMO, other better independant steakhouse choices here. So there is a dilemma..........Please pick for me!

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            I think I'd have to go w/10 Prime for the hipness factor. I'd give a different answer if you were asking for a romantic spot (XO) or where to impress a client (RC's). Check out the website and that'll give you an idea:


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              Jane, I will defer to your judgement. I really like the menus at XO and Ten Prime as there are many other choices besides steak (I don't love steak), but it's all about the boys. So, Ten Prime it will be. Many, many thanks.

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                Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. My son, his two roommates, and one of his roommates parents and sister had a really lovely dinner at Ten Prime Steak and Sushi this past Saturday night. It was a very fitting send-off and a wonderful opportunity to connect with one set of the parents.

                My son and one of his buddies had sushi to start. My son commented how great the spicy tuna roll was and he can be very selective about his sushi. They also shared the crab cake appetizer. The other mom had clam chowder to start and I had the crabcake as well. Really, one of the best crabcakes (actually it came with two- the boys polished off the second one) I had ever had- heavy on the crab, lean on the filler.

                The other mom and myself had the "skewer" appetizer as our mains which came with chicken, beef and fabulous coconut shrimp. The dad had the special filet with cognac, cocoa and a cherry sauce and he thought it was awesome. One of the roomates had the wagyu beef as his main and loved it. My son and the other roomate had sirloin as their mains. We also had asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and broccoli as sides. Everything came exactly as ordered. We probably over-ordered, but were very happy. I also had a wonderful Mojito that was perfect- not too sweet. The boys had a creme brulee and the chocolate lava cake for dessert and loved them. Overall a great dinner that would stand up to any steak house I have been to in any other major city, and fairly priced at that.We found the atmosphere more funky than loud, and would definitely go back. Our only challenge was figuring out how to get back to the hotel as I didn't take the rental car with the GPS. Providence can be a bit confusing to the unitiated.

                As a side note, my son had been taken to XO Steak by a family from home vising the school and he really preferred the food at Ten Prime.

                We all had a casual middle eastern lunch on Sunday at Byblos (off of Thayer) and found it to be really tasty. We sat outside in the lovely shaded back patio and found the service especially warm and attentive especially given how hectic a day it was with all the Brown kids moving in.