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Aug 1, 2007 06:52 PM

What Makes You Consider Eating Soup When It's Hot

I'm feeling pangs... want to make some rich, dark, flavorful, fulfilling soup. I need it.

But it's 92F with 95% humidity here. And it's only getting worse daily.

I've got a batch of Andalusian-style Gazpacho and some spicy lentil chili in the freezer. And I can whip up a fruit soup or carrot-ginger in an instant. But neither would sate this desire.

It's the call of a long-simmering stockpot over a hot stove that's driving me insane. Even when I look at all the herbs growing in my backyard, I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to have those in January sprinkled on some fennel potato puree...

As I do the cooking for my wife's coffeehouse where I do soups from October-April (generally when the high temp <60F), I'm aware of the occasional request for a hot soup in the middle of summer. But that's maybe once a week at most. Certainly not enough to warrant making any for resale (fruit soups and gazpachos don't sell well here except on weekends for some odd reason).

Anyway, I was wondering, are any of y'all out there nuts enough to spend hours with a soup kettle in the middle of the dog days just to sate your soup jones? And what hot soup is it that you have to have in when the calendar turns to daily sticky sweat?

Chili doesn't count.

I'm currently torn between an African groundnut stew and a white bean with bacon cooked with a huge piece of parm-reg rind. What's your hot summer soup?

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  1. Gumbo or Miso Soup. Sometimes I've found that soup is good for the heat exhausted stomach.

    1. Made some spicy chicken and sausage gumbo today. Didn't stand over the soup kettle - got it going in the crockpot.

      I'm always reminded of an old soldier friend who told me that when he was stationed underwater in a non-air conditioned submarine during WWII that all the guys drank hot coffee to alleviate the heat. Perspiration (from temperature hot or spicy hot) cools you down.

      1. There is nothing better in the heat of the summer than a creamy tomato basil soup made with fresh from the garden tomatoes.

        1. I love soup, doesn't really matter to me what the temp is. Unfortunatly, I'm lousy at making them, so I usually go to my favorite Chinese rest and get a great bowl of Hot and Sour.

          1. I make a lovely (if I do say so myself) cream soup with shrimp, crab, bacon, onions, 'shrooms, and sweet corn. I like to make it when MD sweet corn is in season