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Aug 1, 2007 06:40 PM

Yale, New Haven, CT (Pilot Pen)

We are goint to the Pilot Pen tennis tournaments in Aug. It's at Yale, in New Haven, CT...our first time there. We have no ideas of what is around in the area to eat. What restaurants would you recommend nearby for dinner. All types are welcome for suggestions except for Asian (chinese, japenase, thai, ,etc). Thank you.

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  1. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA- or as it's called in CT APIZZA (pronounced Ah-beetz). new haven has the best pizza in the states (imho). try:

    The Spot
    Tony and Luciles (upscale Italian, amazing calzones)

    in new haven, you must order mozzarella cheese on your pizza if you so desire such a product- you must also specify white or red pie- so, at Sally's, one would order a, let's say, Red Pie with Mozz (pronounced mutz), Bacon, and Onion. and you will be VERY happy. beyond that, there's all the standard type city fair in ct, but do not miss the apizza. enjoy fb

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    1. re: frankbooth

      If the Pilot's still at Yale Bowl, you won't be in New Haven proper, but you're an easy drive into the city. Agree with frankbooth on the utter necessity of pizza -- see other posts about the battle between Pepe's and Sally's (I'm a Pepe's white clam girl myself). Additionally, there's a cool, dark Syrian place called Mamoun's on Howe Street -- great falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, etc. -- that's cheap and open until 3 a.m. You also might want to check out Ibiza or Roomba for fine dining. Where are you traveling from?

      1. re: ctscorp

        We'll be traveling from Long Island, just doing a day trip.

        Now that you both mention Pepe's...I seem to recall, hazy as it is, hearing recommendations about it for great pizza. I love good pizza and salad - a mighty fine meal in my opinion.

        I'd like to hear from both the Pepe's believers versus the Sally's pizza fans...why do you favor the one you do?

        Keep the suggestions coming!

        1. re: synergy

          both are great. We also love Modern and Bar for pizza. Beware of the lines! Pacifico is also a nice option for you!

        2. re: ctscorp

          oh yes!!! MUST GO TO Mamoun's!!! This was a regular stopping point when I was in college, cuz it stayed open after the bars closed.. and their middle eastern offerings were amazingly delicious.. and inexpensive, too!

      2. Some of my favorite eats in New Haven:
        Roomba- cuban, carribean fusion. Good mojitos, fish, and foufou. Make reservations if you decide on this.
        Union League- French, reservations required
        Bentara- Oh wait, that is Malaysian. Still reaslly good mussels, asam pedas, and rhoti
        Pepe's- White clam pie.

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        1. re: Honey Bee

          Didn't roomba recently close???

          Some others to check out:
          Bentara- fancy malaysian
          500 Blake st.
          Union League Cafe

          1. re: OrganicLife

            Did it? I no longer live in New Haven and had not heard that yet.

              1. re: OrganicLife

                Roomba was incorporated into Sabor (long story), located right around the corner. It is called Bespoke/Sabor and is on 4 levels including a rooftop terrace. Same owner, chef, team, excellent food and seviche as always. NY Times gave it 5 stars.

            1. Ibiza is a terrific Spanish restaurant. Pricey, but well worth it. I recently had a very good meal at Union League Cafe as well.

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              1. re: Shawn

                Once had the tasting menu at Ibiza and it was amazing. The dishes were unusual and tasty. The wine paired with each course was matched perefctly. We left full, drunk, and happy!

                1. re: Honey Bee

                  We love Spanish, so Ibiza is one we will definitely consider. We love tasting menus, but we will have a time limit. Roomba sounds good too, if it hasn't closed.

                  Great suggestions everyone!

                  We will have a limited amount of time as we are going to the Ladies Final during the day - then we have some time inbetween - and the Men's Final at night. Considering we have to be back at the court, I welcome more suggestions.

                  1. re: synergy

                    Ibiza tends to be busy when there are events in town -- Yale's graduation forced us into a 5 p.m. res -- so try to reserve if you can. And get the ceviche.

              2. I've been away for a few years, but these were my favorites. Definitely Union League Cafe, their wine list is sprinkled with gems. Bentara is fun, I celebrated a birthday there, though Malaysian fare may be included in your list to avoid. Caffe Adulis has a great bar and awesome Eritrean food. The Booktrader always had the best sandwiches, my favorite is the tuna salad with sliced jicama. Anna Liffey's for Guinness Beef Stew, though not exactly a summer dish. Grab a drink at the Anchor (more vintage-y than dive) on College St. and play the jukebox for me!

                1. I've been several times to Pepe's - excellent pizza. I haven't tried Sally's. I'll add that CT people from my car club also recommend Pepe's.