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Aug 1, 2007 06:38 PM

Spices in bulk (repost)

** i don't know why this was moved to the DC/MD board. I specifically posted this in the tri-state area board because i cannot find what i'm looking for in the balitmore/dc area. i would appreciate if this was not moved again.**

hey i'm new here. i'm an art student in bmore and i've been working with foodstuffs. i'm looking for a place that has the largest variety of spices. i'd prefer a place that sells in bulk or that will allow me to buy by the pound rather than the tiny jars.

does anyone know of a place in the area?


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    1. not sure I'm understanding... you are in baltimore but want to buy stuff up here? If I get that correctly, then in the tristate area, you can get spices in bulk at Penzey's There's one in Norwalk, CT as well as another Grand Central Station, NYC (but the Norwalk store has a much bigger variety and more bulk items).

      If you want the city, post on the manhattan or outer boroughs boards and you'll find lots of options (kalustyan's, for one, on lex around 28th-ish). And, as the other poster indicated, lots of places online too. If you want all the online recs, the general topics board is a good place to ask.

      Good luck!

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        You don't even have to go to Penzey's, they have a catalog.

      2. I think it would help you specified what area you are in. This board covers New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, which is a pretty wide range. If you live on Long Island, a recommendation in Albany isn't going to be much help.

        1. Most health food stores sell spices in bulk