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Aug 1, 2007 06:24 PM

Best groceries?

Just moved to Uptown from the northeast and am befuddled... I've been to Sav-a-Center, Winn Dixie Marketplace & Langenstein's - and Whole Foods, of course. I'm used to things like chicken sausage, inexpensive seltzer water, and such are available.

Are there any CSA's around, or just the French Market?

Many thanks, y'all.

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  1. By CSA do you mean farmer's markets? I go to the crescent city farmer's market on Tuesdays at the bottom of Broadway, and sometimes to the Saturday one in the CBD. I hear the Gretna farmer's market is pretty nice.

    Check out Dorignac's (right at the beginning of Vet's, not really that far from uptown). Still not great produce, but overall good quality. I have not priced the chicken sausage and seltzer water. Sav-a-Center is ok, I haven't been in the Winn Dixie in years. There's also a much larger Langenstein's on Metairie Rd, but I've only been in there once, so I can't say too much about it.

    1. welcome to new orleans. where grocery shopping is almost always frustrating and unfulfilling. basically the only way to get things you want is to visit several different stores. for example, only winn-dixie has inexpensive seltzer water-- their "chek" brand. but only whole foods or the farmers market has good produce. and only terranova's has good italian sausage. and chicken sausage isn't something I shop for but I know sam's club has it.. you get the picture.

      dorignac's really is the best all around, especially if you drink. but it's pretty inconvenient to uptown. having given up completely on the mid city sav-a-center, I'm usually able to get everything by going to winn-dixie on vet's and dorignac's, which are right near each other. but I'd advise you to lower your expectations a bit.

      1. We don't have any CSAs, assuming that you mean an arrangement where you purchase shares of whatever a farmer has this week, delivered in a variety box. We do have decent farmer's markets (Saturdays downtown & in old Gretna, Tuesdays at Uptown Square, Wed I think in Covington, Wed & Saturday in St. Charles Parish, etc), but you're not going to find chicken sausage at any of them. The French Market is a food-shopping joke, not a real market.

        Our food shopping is still a bit European; you're going to have to visit specialty purveyors for the "best" of whatever you're seeking. Have you been to Hong Kong Market on Behrman Highway (westbank)? Great seafood selection, huge variety of meats & offal, some very interesting, fresh, and cheap produce & herbs.

        And you're in the land of pork, so don't expect to find chicken sausage. I don't think I've ever seen chicken sausage except at Whole Foods. I wouldn't eat the stuff for love or money, so I can't tell you if it's any good or not. Maybe Kosher Cajun out in Metairie on Severn has chicken sausage?

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          Does New Orleans have Albertson's? I can get chicken sausage (locally made) at any Albertson's in Lafayette.

        2. I feel your pain. Winn Dixie for seltzer is right, but for the rest, our stores can't hold a candle to the northeast. I know, I am from there. And don't expect to find any produce like you are used to even at the Farmer's Market. Too hot and no where near the variety. You will get used to it eventually, but I know it can be a bit shocking after the abundance and variety we were used to in a cooler climate. Just have to rethink everything. I wish you luck and good eating.

          1. The first thing that you must incorporate into your vocabulary is, "making groceries," i.e. shopping for groceries. Then, you will be considered a local.

            My recs. are so very dated, but I do see Dorignac's listed by those, with much more contemporay knowledge. It was our "go to" store for most items.

            While I've shopped at several Whole Foods stores elsewhere, I have not done the one(s) in NOLA. They have proved to be good, though, since they sold have declined a bit. As has been mentioned, Dorignac's is not that far away, and is (was, by my experiences too many years ago) worth the trip. Of course, back then, we'd head out to Gentilly and shop at Schewgman's Giant Super Market, but it is long gone.

            For "farmer's markets," we'd usually treck to the FM, or head to the North Shore for the rural ones.


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              There's a food co-op you can join, but I think you have to order in bulk.
              I agree with Hungry Celeste about the hunt and peck thing. In additiong to Hong Kong, I would add to her list Mona's middle eastern grocery on Banks for certain things. International Foods in Metaire if you need an Indian market and other things. Sadly some of the best produce is in small towns still like Hammond which have decent, longstanding produce stands like Cream of the Crop.