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Aug 1, 2007 05:54 PM

Daisy May's

Been to Blue Smoke, RUB, Virgils and Dinosaur - going with a few people to Daisy May's. Any must have's? Must have nots? Been reading the boards, but don't get a sense of favorites or "don't bother dishes". Any input would be appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. The beef rib, chili, memphis dry rub ribs and pulled pork are all great. The corn and mashed potatoes are good as well. Being from the south, I am a fan of the sweet tea but know many folks who find it too sweet. As far as things to stay away from, not too sure in that dept. have fun and enjoy!

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    1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

      Second the beef rib (makes me feel like a Flintstone) and the dry rub pork ribs.

    2. how many is a few? go with 6 or more and get a half pig or whole butt! amazing.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Make sure to get the memphis dry rub ribs and the creamed corn is great. I was not a fan of the beans.

        2. I've only been once and enjoyed the brisket sandwich, but that corn is amazing!

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          1. re: valerie

            I agree on the corn its a must. If you can get a large group and do the half or whole pig its a great time. Dont forget to BYOB

            1. re: princeofpork

              I believe the half/whole pig, and probably the butt too, need to be ordered in advance.

          2. The Oklahoma beef ribs, chili and dry rub ribs are fantastic as are the baked beans, mashed potatoes, dirty rice and corn. The creamed spinach is different but good. I am not a fan of the sweet potatoes or the corn bread.

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            1. re: wryorwhite

              agreed. i found the sweet potatoes and the corn bread to be way too sweet, although objectively quite good if that makes sense. they're just not to my taste. however, the beef ribs are AMAZING. those and the pulled pork would be my must-orders.