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Reno Chinese Bakery "Honey Bakery"

Alert to Reno Chowhounds. I just visited a one week old chinese bakery located in the Keystone shopping center, near Sundance Bookstore. Various typical fruity and whipped creamy cakes, an assortment of buns. Looks very interesting!!!! I tried a tuna bun, (a baked bow kind of thing), not the best choice I think, but I am not discouraged. I'll be interested in further investigative reporting!

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  1. Barbara, did you happen to see if they had any of those little custard tarts? Have to check it out.

    1. I know where I'm having breakfast tomorrow....(I live near there...). Thanks for the tip!!

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        Hi Janet, yes, they do have those little egg tarts. I'll be interested in your evaluation!

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          OK, went by around 10:30 this am. There seemed to be a steady stream of customers, a good sign. There were no egg tarts. I asked the counter lady, who spoke limited English, and was told "later." I don't know if that meant later today or later this year.....

          But everything I DID get to try was delicious!! On the way to work I scarfed down a barbque pork bun. The bread casing was surprisingly sweet...but I think that works with pork, especially for "breakfast". The filling was tasty if a little deficient in quantity. I also had a "cocktail bun"...similar bread to the pork bun but with a coconut filling. Yum!! I finished the pigout with what they called a "wife's cake." Really, its more like a cookie: very flaky and buttery with a sesame filling. No calories in that thing, oh no....

          I took a bunch of goodies to my office as well. They tried some almond cookies, a "dry pork bun", more barbque pork buns, and some pineapple buns. Everyone agreed that all were very tasty and most importantly, very fresh-tasting. One of my co-workers, a recent transplant to Reno and of Chinese heritage, came looking for me in my office to ask me where I had bought the goodies, and he made careful notes of the location. He said that his mother makes similar pork buns and that they were "almost as good as hers."

      2. I stopped by and got four buns and a bag of cookies. The cookies were forgettable. The buns generally were pretty good. I liked the dough better than the filling. The dough tastes bakery fresh. Duh! But it's something you usually don't get when you order them in a restaurant.The picture is of the ham and corn bun. I also got the dry pork bun and the barbecue pork bun.The vanilla creme bun was just so-so probably.

        1. They also have an extensive selection of tapioca drinks (bubble tea/pearl tea). I tried the #1 - ordinary milk tea - and it was just right. It's a great cool drink for the summer. The girl at the counter had me taste-test it to make sure it was sweet enough (it was).

          1. I'm so glad they have a Chinese Bakery in Reno now, and a good one too! I'm a big fan of boba and Chinese baked goods so I was trilled to see it in the Keystone Shopping Center. I went in and got a Milk Bubble Tea ($3.00) and a egg custard ($0.80). The Milk Tea was perfect and the custard was warm and fresh tasting. They also make Chinese cakes, which are filled with fresh fruit, so I'm going to get my next birthday cake there.

            1. Just tried this place for the first time, and found it very good overall. The curry chicken bun was very good, nice meat in the filling. BBQ pork bun was very good overall. Ham and corn roll was very good, I would have liked a bit higher ham:corn ratio, but was good enough I'll certainly get it again. I ordered a 'red bean and pineapple' bun, which was very tasty, but I didn't pick up any taste of pineapple in the filling, so perhaps I got red bean w/o pineapple by accident, if not, they need to ramp up the pineapple content. The above items were all things that were very good, I just had minor quibbles with a couple of them. My only real disappointment was the dry pork bun. The filling itself was good, as was the bread, but the filling was in such a thin ribbon on the inside of the oblong bun that the bread:filling ratio was way too high.

              Overall, I was very impressed; the curry chicken bun was perhaps my favorite--a nice surprise I wasn't expecting (I knew from other reviews they'd have BBQ pork, etc.). As others have stated, the bread really had a good quality that you don't usually get.

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                Been to the bakery a few times now. The custard tarts are to die for..the crust is nice and flaky as it should be. The pork buns (char sieu bao) are just ok, like Janet said, the filling is kinda deficient. I'm used to the ones I can get in Oakland Chinatown that actually have about triple the amount of filling. The cakes are really good, nice and light with bright flavors. One important tip: You really need to try to eat your purchase that day, the next day the food really starts to dry out, with our lack of humidity here.

              2. Has anybody tried the pork buns lately? I saw Johnathan's blog about the place and saw the pics of the pork buns. When some of us went when it first opened, the filling was a little on the light side (not much), but the latest pics seem to look like a better pork to bun ratio. More filling would definitly bring me back, I'll drive from Carson so I don't have to go to Sac.

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                  I got one two weeks ago and it was nothing like that. I don't know how he got that one.

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                    Maybe I should print that picture and bring it in and say "I want one that looks like this!"

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                      OK, I just went to the bakery on my way back from Truckee. I ordered one pork bun to try, hoping that the picture on the blog was true, (actually, why wouldn't it be?). Anyhow, my first bite into it revealed a much improved pork filling to bun ratio! Yes, it does look just like the picture. I asked if they had increased the portions, and was told yes they did. The reason given for the small amounts before, was that was al the meat they could fit on in the dough ball before baking. The solution found, was to let the dough rise an additional hour or so, so the dough would be larger and thus cover the filling. I think the process looks like meat on a pancake and then rolled up in a ball. Whatever the reason, I'm very happy to have a good source of local pork buns. I just had to pick up some of those custard tarts while I was there too!

                2. I'm a little behind the curve on this post, but thought I'd put my 2 cents in. Popped into Honey Bakery a week or so ago and picked up a pork bun. There was an amazing array of bakery items and for someone not too familiar with a chinese bakery, I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection and went with the recommendation of the gal working the counter. It was sticky, warm, generously filled, and yummy! I'll definitely swing back by and sample another of their offerings.