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Aug 1, 2007 05:39 PM

Reno Chinese Bakery "Honey Bakery"

Alert to Reno Chowhounds. I just visited a one week old chinese bakery located in the Keystone shopping center, near Sundance Bookstore. Various typical fruity and whipped creamy cakes, an assortment of buns. Looks very interesting!!!! I tried a tuna bun, (a baked bow kind of thing), not the best choice I think, but I am not discouraged. I'll be interested in further investigative reporting!

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  1. Barbara, did you happen to see if they had any of those little custard tarts? Have to check it out.

    1. I know where I'm having breakfast tomorrow....(I live near there...). Thanks for the tip!!

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        Hi Janet, yes, they do have those little egg tarts. I'll be interested in your evaluation!

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          OK, went by around 10:30 this am. There seemed to be a steady stream of customers, a good sign. There were no egg tarts. I asked the counter lady, who spoke limited English, and was told "later." I don't know if that meant later today or later this year.....

          But everything I DID get to try was delicious!! On the way to work I scarfed down a barbque pork bun. The bread casing was surprisingly sweet...but I think that works with pork, especially for "breakfast". The filling was tasty if a little deficient in quantity. I also had a "cocktail bun"...similar bread to the pork bun but with a coconut filling. Yum!! I finished the pigout with what they called a "wife's cake." Really, its more like a cookie: very flaky and buttery with a sesame filling. No calories in that thing, oh no....

          I took a bunch of goodies to my office as well. They tried some almond cookies, a "dry pork bun", more barbque pork buns, and some pineapple buns. Everyone agreed that all were very tasty and most importantly, very fresh-tasting. One of my co-workers, a recent transplant to Reno and of Chinese heritage, came looking for me in my office to ask me where I had bought the goodies, and he made careful notes of the location. He said that his mother makes similar pork buns and that they were "almost as good as hers."

      2. I stopped by and got four buns and a bag of cookies. The cookies were forgettable. The buns generally were pretty good. I liked the dough better than the filling. The dough tastes bakery fresh. Duh! But it's something you usually don't get when you order them in a restaurant.The picture is of the ham and corn bun. I also got the dry pork bun and the barbecue pork bun.The vanilla creme bun was just so-so probably.

        1. They also have an extensive selection of tapioca drinks (bubble tea/pearl tea). I tried the #1 - ordinary milk tea - and it was just right. It's a great cool drink for the summer. The girl at the counter had me taste-test it to make sure it was sweet enough (it was).

          1. I'm so glad they have a Chinese Bakery in Reno now, and a good one too! I'm a big fan of boba and Chinese baked goods so I was trilled to see it in the Keystone Shopping Center. I went in and got a Milk Bubble Tea ($3.00) and a egg custard ($0.80). The Milk Tea was perfect and the custard was warm and fresh tasting. They also make Chinese cakes, which are filled with fresh fruit, so I'm going to get my next birthday cake there.