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Aug 1, 2007 05:38 PM

Wine Cooler Advice

Having gone way too long in a climate (20+years in Arizona) that is not conducive to proper wine storage, it is time to bite the bullet on a good wine storage cooler. I want minimum of 96 bottles, max. of around 200. Doing this for quality storage. Asthetics are not critical--glass door is fine. Willing to go the Viking route if need be, prefer to spend less. I do store some bottles for 10+ years, however most are around for less than two.

I have read lots of articles, (and followed the recent threads on Magic Chef), but really want to hear personal experiences (good and bad). ALso, best places to buy.


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  1. If you want 96 plus you won't be getting a Magic Chef. Check out some Eurocaves if you want, you can check out wineenthusiast they have pretty good prices.

    1. Just keep in mind:

      If it says bottle capacity = 100, what they really mean is: yeah, as long as you pile them up one on top of the other.

      If you have in mind shelves (which we all do...), then divide the magic number by half.

      And beware, some brands ( Eurocave, IIRC ) don't include ANY shelves with their basic price.