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Aug 1, 2007 05:01 PM

Schlesinger and Willoughby: Recipe Discussion, Links, & Previous Picks and Pans

August 2007 Cookbook Authors of the Month.

Use this thread to discuss which recipes you are planning to try from any of the grilling books from Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby. Get tips from other hounds or list other online resources here such as recipe links. Maybe even search out other like-minded hounds and have a cook-off on the same recipe.

Feel free to post short reviews of recipes you may have already tried in this thread (picks and pans), but full length recipes should be posted in the appropriate section thread.

A reminder that the verbatim copying of recipes to the boards is a violation of the copyright of the original author. Posts with copied recipes will be removed.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. I've cooked/grilled extensively from License to Grill. I haven't had a single flop out of that book. Some of my favorite recipes are:

    Salt crusted grilled shrimp in their shells (pg. 68)
    Grilled mussels Johnson (pg. 72)
    Spaghetti with grilled proscuitto and figs (pg. 98)
    Grilled sausage with corn over fettuccine with tomatoes and basil (pg. 99)
    Rosemary grilled new york strip with smoky eggplant relish (pg. 135) (this is FABULOUS)
    Basil garlic chicken breasts with grilled balsamic peaches (pg. 200)
    Exotic flavored chicken thighs with tomato mint salad (pg. 205) (the exotic flavor is cardamon)
    Chile grilled squid on sesame spinach (pg. 233)
    Chipotle rubbed grilled skirt steak with grill roasted bananas (pg. 237)
    Chile coated grilled summer squash and zucchini with honey lime dressing (pg. 239)
    Grilled asparagus with simple vinaigrette (pg. 279)

    This list is, by no means, comprehensive. These are easy summer repeats for me that I can easily toss together. For this month, I'm going to stay away from the above and focus on dishes I haven't made, UNLESS, C or I get a huge craving for one of the above ;-)

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    1. re: beetlebug

      A word of caution about these cookbooks. The portions are generous. Really generous and I am not a small eater. I find, for two people, I will make less than half the recipe and for 4 people, a bit more than half.

      Also, with any rubs, sauces or stuffings that go on the main dish (salt/pepper rub, herb rub, etc), I find the proportions to be off, insofar that it makes a lot. If I am halving the main recipe, I will usually make a quarter of the rub and find that to be plentiful.

      For example, last summer I made the Spicy Sauce Stuffed Trout with Hoisin Glaze and Sesame Crust (Let the Flames Begin, pg. 222) for 4. The recipe is for 4 and it calls for a whole fish for each person. It was one of the first grilled things I made last summer so I wasn't quite in the cookbook frame of mind. So, I followed the recipe exactly since there would be 4 of us. I made the stuffing, stuffed the fish and found that I had a lot of stuffing left over. Also, it called for 1/2 cup of hoisin sauce to be brushed on the fishes which was more than enough so the leftover sauce was tossed. Well, after the fishes were cooked, each couple split a fish so at the end of the night, I had 2 whole trout left over.

      I probably served this with an appetizer and sides, I don't remember. But, there was a lot of food leftover. Usually, I love leftovers, but this is one of the few dishes that didn't heat up as well. The skin wasn't crisp the next day and I was bummed that there was so much left in the fridge.

      The recipe, btw, did taste great and it was an impressive presentation, but now I always remember to make less than the stated portions.

    2. This was one of my favorite bbq cookbooks. In particular, I loved the "Grilled sausage with corn over fettuccine with tomatoes and basil (pg. 99)" from License to Grill. I did make a few revisions, though. I used penne instead of fettuccini and I cut back on the amount of sasuage (the recipe called for WAY too much sausage.

      Unfortunately, I have a problem. I have lost the cookbook and I was hoping to cook that dish this weekend. (I know, it's winter and the recipe wont be nearly as good without fresh summer corn, but it's still tasty!)

      I don't need the full long as I know the ingredients I can improvise from there. It's been a while, but here are the ingredients I remember:

      Olive Oil
      Parm. Cheese
      Garlic (I think)

      Are there any other ingredients that I am forgettin?


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      1. re: jjmerf

        You have all the ingredients listed. There is garlic in the recipe (about 1 T, minced). I forgot how much I love this dish. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to make this last summer because the corn season was horrible.