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Aug 1, 2007 05:00 PM


Me and my crew are a pack of old school,hard rolling G's who love our bacon.After Big Ray at Ray's Steakhouse bit the dust we were out of pocket for a minute[who can forget their deranged chef who would chicken fry bacon,stuff it into a big pork chop then chicken fry that?].Subsequent to the fate of Ray's we've found consort with a few different local joints that give out a good fix.But now it's time for something new.Tell me about your bacon fixation:You might be a might be a vegetarian who steps into the Clearlight from time to time or you may have a casual relationship with bacon that still produces memorable bacon moments.Tell me where to go to find life-fullfilling,delicious,wonderous,misty water color bacon memories...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. You and your hard rolling G's should roll over to Shanghai for dim sum. They have a roasted pork belly dish that is intense. I guess it's not really bacon as it's not smoked.

        1. I've read your opinion about bacon in tacos (barely cooked, not crispy), so I'm not sure that we're seeing the same platonic ideal. Nevertheless...

          Not EVERY visit, but the best traditional breakfast bacon I've had in Austin is Eastside Cafe. Some orders are too crispy, which ruins it. But usually, it hits the ideal. Due to practice over the past year, I can now do about as good at home. But all things considered, my fave breakfast bacon option in Austin.

          I'll also throw out the obvious Bacon Steakie at Uchi. It will rock your face. Actually, two of three orders will rock your face. One of three will be slightly too fatty to rock anything other than your dreams at what might be. But the perfect Bacon Steakie -- ideal meat-to-fat ratio, perfectly cooked -- is my fave bacon item in the world.

          1. I've heard tale of the sandwich at Freddie's Place (I don't go there often because it is quite far from my neck of the woods, but did enjoy it in the past). I looked it up on Foodhawk and it might be right up your alley: Freddie's Heart Attack-Toasted texas toast served open faced with tomatoes,10 slices of bacon and queso

            Has anyone else tried this?

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              I have. It isn't bad, although you can get a sandwich of the same quality (and volume) from Sonic, with some special ordering.