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Aug 1, 2007 03:34 PM

Best Duck in Austin?

I have only recently discovered how much I really love duck when prepared well.

Recently I traveled to Birmingham, AL where I dined at Hot and Hot Fish Club where I had an excellent duck entree:

Oven Roasted Duck Breast and Crispy Confit with Dirty Rice, Haricot Vert, and Red Eye Gravy

What restaurants in Austin do excellent duck?

(I'm actually salivating as I type)

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  1. Ahhh,Hot and Hot is still terrific? Is Chris Hastings still the chef?Love that joint.Hereabouts my fave Duck source is Din Ho.Grab a whole Duck from the case to the left as you enter the space.Their other roasted meats are good too but the Duck?Oh man,it's good.

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      I agree that the Chinese places do it the best.

      No one really seems to do even a decent duck confit.

      1. re: Mersenne twister

        I'm actually partial to the confit at Chez Nous...but, then again, I love just about any preparation of what a friend refers to as "flying bacon."

      2. re: scrumptiouschef

        It was our first trip to Hot and Hot - but everyone's food was outstanding. Chris Hastings is still the chef.

      3. I had a nice duck breast recently at Starlite and reviewed it in this thread:(

        1. I don't believe that they have it on the menu all the time, but when they do, Zoot makes a great duck. It's been awhile since I had it, so I don't remember the details of this dish. I just remember really enjoying it. If you are every in Vegas, you must try the Peking duck at Wolfgang Puck's Postrio. It's the best I have ever had.

          1. I recently had a very good tea smoked duck breast at Mars. A bit pricey, but delicious. I second the comments on the Chinese roast duck at Din Ho, but would also suggest the same at First BBQ in Chinatown Center on North Lamar. It's very good too.

            1. A couple of other ideas for duck:
              * Sea Dragon (the original) has a great dish of smoked duck with leeks and ginger. sometimes the duck is a tad dry, but it almost always satisfies and I've probably eaten it 25 times since 1987...ok, maybe 30 times....
              * Asia Cafe had Sichuan smoked duck...also sometimes dry, but also almost always tasty and quite a bargain at about 8-9 bucks for a plate of yummy quacker
              * Ray Tatum at Backstage Steakhouse used to be at Jefferies where he had a deft hand at roasted duck...i didn't see it on the Backstage menu today, but it might pop up from time to time...worth calling to he'd make it with a call ahead to reserve....
              * travel to a near suburb of Austin and visit Brigtsen's where Frank does an amazing roasted duck in which he debones a duck half and roasts it and the skin separately, then places the crisp sheet of skin over the duck to plate it...oh, the suburb is New Orleans!

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                You know, Roaring Fork does a very credible roast duck, and sided with their mac & cheese, it's a plate that's hard to top in town.