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Aug 1, 2007 03:11 PM

Perfect dinner after the theater??

My husband and I and another couple are going to see Wicked on a Sunday afternoon in August. We want to go to "dinner" after the show is over which I would imagine will be around 4:30 or 5:00. Neither of us live in Hollywood so we'd like to go somewhere with excellent food that's not too pricey (moderate would be good). Whataya got for me?!?

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  1. I really like Prizzis for Italian on Franklin Ave @ Bronson. It's next to Birds. The Bowery is more of a pub on Sunset & Vine (walking distance to Pantages). I would stay away from Magnolia next door. Has nice burgers and things. There's the every-controversial Hungry Cat--I personally would stick to cocktails there. For sushi, I like Sushi Hiroba on Vine down toward Melrose. Sushi Ike at Sunset & Gower is also very good & walking distance. I'll probably think of some more shortly.

    1. The normal suggestions for dinner in this area are The Hungry Cat, Magnolia, Bowery and Fabiolus Cafe. There's also Sushi Ike and Los Balcones del Peru.

      Hungry Cat focuses on American seafood. Sushi Ike focuses on, um, Japanese seafood. Fabiolus is Italian (Venetian, specifically, I believe). Balcones is Peruvian. Bowery has a pretty small menu, and to be honest I've only ever eaten there during the day for the caesar salad which I love since they use anchovies. Magnolia has a larger menu but it's similar -- burger, steak, chicken, salads, that sort of thing.

      Expanding beyond the two block radius, there's also 25 Degrees in the Roosevelt (and CeFiore a few doors down for great frozen yogurt). In the opposite direction is Thai Town which offers many options for excellent food that is inexpensively priced, including Ruen Pair and Jitlada.

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        Second HC, Magnolia, and Bowery.

        Will tack on Lucques for Sunday Suppers, Dakota, Pane e Vino, and Bin8945 (yeah it's farther away).

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          IMHO, Magnolia is highly overrated. Bowery is much better. Their menu may not be extensive, but everything on it that I have tried is very good. If you are going the 25Degrees route, I would opt for Lucky Devil. Again, IMHO, they have a better burger. Also, if you rather not venture onto Franklin Ave for Prizzis, Bella Cucina Italiana is very nice (on Hollywood & Las Palmas). Fabiolus doesn't really compare to either Prizzis or Bella Cucina. For a really fun experience, but truly overrated food, there's Memphis... There's several other places in the area that I am not including in my list because I haven't tried them yet: Los Balcones, Lou, & Off Vine. So many restaurants--so little time.