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Aug 1, 2007 02:18 PM

Best pad thai

Hey everyone---I'm looking for the best pad thai in Manhattan, midtown west would be a plus. I've tried many places and they are ok (Wondee Siam, Pam Real, Tiny Thai, Q Thai, etc.), but their pad thai is all the same--- ORANGE and sweet. I'm looking for pad thai that is not orange, and does not have that sweet sauce-- but rather you can taste the peanuts, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Pad See Ew (pronounced Pad "Shu") is Thai street food.

      1. re: big o

        I'd just like to point out that my comment above was actually a response to a ridiculous post left by another user. Their post has since been removed, which leaves mine looking (more than) slightly out of place.

        As far as pad thai goes -- I used to order a fantastic version at a restaurant in Northern Virginia, and haven't really found one in NY that I've liked much by comparison. However, one of my coworkers swears by the pad thai at Thirty Five (at 35 Lispenard St.). I'm a bit skeptical, but perhaps it's worth a shot.

      2. Since:

        a) some of the best eating in this city can be had at stalls run by street vendors


        b) there's really no need to insult a perfectly reasonable request

        i think the distasteful tenor of your reply is uncalled for.

        that said, a goodly number of restaurants in the west 40s and 50s might fit the bill. Pam Real Thai Encore actually does a nice version, as does the new (ish) place -- sorry for blanking on the name -- on 8th and 54th or 55th (they promote themselves as a thai rest/sake bar, but their sake selection ain't really yo to snuff. hope you find yr ideal!

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          I was just as Topaz in Midtown and totally LOVED it. The pad thai was delicious - among the best I've had.

      3. Bangkok house is the best I have been to. I can get the location for you if you would like. Its a very tiny whole in the wall place. The pad thai has that perfect balance of sweet and salty and comes with peanuts and lime. Its my favorite!

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            been to bangkok house on several occasions. it is on W46 off 9th. a couple of reviews lead e to believe it's going downhill. it's still good though.

          2. Not in midtown, but so far my favorite has been one from Benny's Thai Cafe on Fulton. Much better then the ones I've tried from Lemongrass, Spice, and Republic (probably not saying much...).

            1. i like the one at galanga, on west 4th street at 6th avenue in the village. it is a little bit orange, but not very sweet. i think the orange is from shrimp brains, that color appearing is some thai dishes is from that . other places will use paprika for an orange/red, which gives it a smoky flavor that can be interesting initially but ultimately overpowering and just wrong. my girlfriend, who is thai, likes the pad thai from boyd on thompson, between bleecker and w. 3rd (also greenwich village), but i'm not so fond of that one at all! ...

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                I totally agree with Galanga. It's the best I've had and I fear I might even be addicted.

              2. Ponsgri Thai is pretty good. I go to the location in Chinatown. There is a midtown location too. I've heard good things about Benny's on Fulton Street.