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Aug 1, 2007 01:54 PM

need special occasion restaurant in cape cod

ny hound coming up for a week. i plan on hitting all the good shacks, but i need one place special for dinner for my wife's birthday.

something like The Pearl in Nantucket. great food and good vibe.

does it exist in cape cod?


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  1. Abbicci in Yarmouthport on 6A.

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    1. re: hdb

      I second Abbicci. My wife and I were there two weeks ago for her birthday and it was fantastic! The food really blew me away and the place has a very nice vibe to it as well. I also have to say that from the valet, to the hostess, to the manager (who sang happy birthday to my wife!), to the server, they were all very nice and seemed genuinely happy to be there.


      Abbicci Restaurant
      43 Main St, Yarmouth, MA 02675

    2. I haven't been to The Pearl in Nantucket so I am not sure about the vibe. These are the places I think of for a special dinner out. Where on the Cape will you be?

      The Red Pheasant in Dennis
      The Bramble Inn in Brewster
      28 Atlantic at the Wequasset in Chatham Ask for a window table!

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      1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

        AGM know his/her stuff...Bramble Inn is a great choice and not well known. 28 Atlantic too..superb. I also recommend Ocean House a 4 top oceanview table. Amazing. Abbicci is cold, drab, modern nouveau..not too romantic..close tables, no ocean view...also the valet service is down right dangerous with lines on 6 A waiting to park...(my experience twice).

        1. re: phelana

          Can't say I agree that Abbicci is cold and drab. True, there's no ocean view, but that's true about 99% of restaurants on the Cape. In fact, other than the Ocean House in Dport and 28 Atlantic at Wequasett, I can't think of a single oceanfront restaurant to recommend from Sandwich to Truro (PTown has several). Abbicci is in a newly renovated 17th century house and I like the update "urban" ambience. As to the valet, I've never shared your experience of cars backed out onto 6A.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            I agree 100% (see recommendation above).

        2. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

          Bramble Inn looks spectacular, but their website doesn't give prices, can you give me an idea of prices ofr apps and entrees?

        3. The Red Inn in P'Town is wonderful. Beautiful setting on the harbor where you can have a drink before or after your meal (great sunset spot). Local seafood dishes, had a sea scallop and saffron orzo dish when I was there last -- the scallops were bright and fresh the orzo a nice contrast in flavor and texture. Everyone else at my table was happy too. Varied wine list in price and terroir but not overwhelming. Very good service. Entrees in the 20's with a lobster special (2 1/4 lbs) $40 but more than just steamed - flashed boiled and then grilled with a rosemary butter and served with roast pots and grilled asparagus, apps $6-14 and the house salad with a meal is $5.95.