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Aug 1, 2007 01:43 PM

3 days in Seattle (from Philadelphia)

Going to be visiting Seattle for the first time at the end of this month, and can't wait! Looking to definitely eat some fresh seafood and whatever else you Seattle hounds recommend. Been browsing the board, and came up with the following list of possibilities. Any thoughts on what should be at the top of the list, what should be deleted from the list, and what might be missing from the list?

I think we will plan to do brunch on either Saturday or Sunday at the Space Needle restaurant...and we'll be eating dinner Monday night at the Mariners game...but otherwise, we're looking for 2 nice (but not extraordinarily pricey) dinners and any good casual lunch recommendations.

Tamarind Tree
Harvest Vine
Matt's in the Market
Dahlia Lounge


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  1. If you're insisting on eating at the mariner's game, be sure to get the garlic fries. Just follow your nose, you'll find them.

    Also, I found Shiro to not live up to the hype.

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      For dinner I would do Tamarind Tree, which is inexpensive, and Lark which is a little more pricey but not outrageous. For lunch go to Matt's in the market, Salumi (get there early to avoid line) and another day browse pike place market for different snack items such as piroshky's, humbows, oysters at Jacks fish, Donuts at daily dozen and anything else that looks and smells good.

    2. dagoose and dagrassroots have good recommendations. I'd just add that the best food item at Safeco Field besides the garlic fries is the sliced pork sandwich at the Bullpen Pub (it's at field level next to the visitor's bullpen). The pulled pork sandwich at the BBQ place on the main concourse is also OK.

      Avoid the catering on the club level at all costs - it's truly awful frozen pre-cooked Centerplate dreck. If your seats are there or in the skyboxes, you won't be allowed to bring food up from the main concourse level and you'll have to enjoy your garlic fries somewhere else in the park. More than once I've gone to a game with private suite tickets (from business vendors, I'd never pay for them) only to "sneak" into the center-field bleachers to enjoy my garlic fries and a better atmosphere.

      1. Skip eating at the Space Needle; you can go up and observe, but the food is completedly pedestrian. At Safeco, one of the better items is the bento box, which you can get on the 100 level near the baseball museum (it's behind the main concourse)--pretty tasty teriyaki chicken (not broiled or grilled however--not sure how they do it), rice and edamame. The pretzels are nice. Hot dogs on Occidental leading to Safeco are better than what you could get inside. We like Steve & Jerry's, either the jumbo (so large I can't eat anything for the rest of the day) or regular sized kielbasa with/without grilled onions and sauerkraut. You can bring food into the ballpark but not beverages (unless they're in those little boxes with the straws).

        Anthony's on the waterfront has a fish 'n' chips bar with outdoor seating. Very picturesque and the fish 'n' chips are pretty good, in my experience.

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        1. re: PAO

          thanks so much for the suggestions...we'll definitely check out the garlic fries!

          i checked out lark looks really great, but i'm feeling a bit iffy about the menu for our tastes. seems like it would end up being pretty expensive to fill up on the small plates. we're pretty big eaters!! i think if we're going to spend that kind of money, i'd like to have a more traditional three course dinner.

          definitely going to try tamarind tree - we love vietnamese! other dinner suggestions (aside from Safeco) would be very much appreciated!! keep em coming!!

          p.s. we'll be staying at the Hilton Seattle on 6th Avenue, in case location comes into play. we don't mind walking a lot and taking cabs wherever...

          1. re: jba1216

            Maybe try Palace Kitchen for dinner. New american style food with generous portions at decent prices. Excelent food.

            Palace Kitchen
            2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

            1. re: dagrassroots

              menu looks awesome at Palace Kitchen...thanks so much for the recommendation - it seems right up our alley! :)

            2. re: jba1216

              You will be nearby Top Pot donuts on 5th and Lenora. Don't miss their pumpkin old-fashioned!

              If you like Italian, try La Vita E Bella in Belltown on 2nd and Battery. They serve Caffe Umbria, my personal pick for best coffee in Seattle.

              1. re: chipqmunk

                we leave tomorrow night for seattle!!!!!! any last minute ideas are welcome. so far we're definitely leaning toward trying tamarind tree and palace kitchen for dinners...and something in pike place market for lunch one day. more suggestions welcome. thanks so much to everyone who's responded :)

                1. re: jba1216

                  If you're looking for a slightly upscale lunch try Place Pigalle maybe for lunch in the market. Stunning view and nice NW-y food.

                  1. re: jba1216

                    I just got back from my trip to SEA. Loved the food. Here's my report:

                    I should go back & add my experience @ Safeco Field; I didn't try the garlic fries, but had their HUMONGOUS nachos. OMG. It's huge & delicious; there's more topping than chips! Mr OCAnn had the hot dog; he adored the nachos.

                    On a previous trip to SEA, I went to Palace Kitchen. I'm not a ravioli fan, but when I had theirs (called plin), I was in pasta heaven. I never experienced pasta that nearly melted in my mouth until I had theirs. My plan was to go back to PK, but we didn't have time. My experience there spoiled me to others; their plin is how I measure all other ravioli. It was THAT good (at least for me).

                    Good luck! I'm excited to read your report when you get back.

                    1. re: OCAnn

                      thanks for the link to your reviews. unfortunately, we'll only be in seattle saturday, sunday, and monday...the three days the restaurant at salumi is not open!! :(

                      but that's great to hear that palace kitchen is delicious...i'm so excited to eat there! and to get the nachos at safeco! definitely going to try to get to matt's or place pigalle either saturday or monday for lunch too.

                      is everything in pike place market closed on sundays????

                      (i will definitely report when i get back...won't be back til after labor day as we'll also be heading up to victoria and vancouver)

                      1. re: jba1216

                        best bet on sunday in the market is the dungeness crab eggs benedict at steelhead diner! more crab than in the crab cake. you can't go wrong!

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              1. The Space Needle Restaurant is not noted for good food. I'd just do it for the view and eat elsewhere.

                IMHO the best food in Seattle is at Wild Ginger. I think you'll be sorry if you miss it! We also dined excellently at Campagne and at Lampreia.

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                1. re: ChefJune

                  everyone - thanks so much for all the great tips! we just got back from our trip to the northwest, including 3 days in seattle. here's a not-so-brief recap:

                  our flight got in very late last friday night (sat am) so we got up pretty late on saturday and headed out to pioneer square. had lunch at Longhorn Outpost BBQ - really tasty! we don't have much in the way of good BBQ in philly, and we really enjoyed this little place, especially the baked beans and the german sausage.

                  for dinner that night, we ended up eating late and were pretty tired, so we wanted to stay within a few blocks of the hotel. ended up at Red Fin (in the Max Hotel) for sushi. we ordered a few rolls, and some o-toro. it was sufficient to cure our sushi craving, but nothing to write home about. (the atmosphere was pretty sleek though!)

                  sunday, we enjoyed a breakfast of doughnuts at Top Pot on our way to Seattle Center. was hoping to check out the pumpkin old fashioned per the recommendation, but i'm guessing it's seasonal, since they didn't have it. the blueberry cinnamon and the plain old fashioned were AWESOME though!!! (and the coffee pretty decent too). for lunch, we hit up Sport, a sports bar near the Space Needle, and enjoyed a booth with our own tv tuned to the Phillies game...pretty cool! i didn't expect much from the food, but the kobe greek sliders app and the mushroom kobe burger were really fantastic!! a pleasant surprise! our crowning seattle food achievement came with a late dinner sunday night at Palace Kitchen. excellent service (which we found across the entire northwest), great local wines, and an array of appetizers and cheeses (there were too many yummy apps to worry about entrees, especially since it was 10:30pm!). tried the plin ravioli, based on the earlier suggestion...they were filled with pork and parmesan, and they were delicious!! the wings were great as well.

                  monday, we hit up Sisters European Snacks in the market for good breakfast sandwiches. for lunch, we tried to go to Matt's in the Market, but we had a horrible time finding it (it's really tucked away!)...and by the time we did, it was 2:45, and their lunch service had ended. thought about Place Pigalle, but wanted some less upscale fare. so we ended up getting some chowder and fish and chips at Lowell's - great view, and the food was pretty good. that night, we went to the mariners game, and ended up sitting at the hit it here cafe...pretty cool seats, and nice to have someone serving us beers!! we just got some fries and mini corn dogs. kind of wanted to try the garlic fries, but i'm not a big garlic lover, and they smelled REALLY strong! we had a great time at Safeco though :)

                  all in all, a great trip! would have enjoyed getting to Shiro's instead of Red Fin for sushi...and wish we could have gotten to Tamarind Tree or something similar as well. but you guys have a pretty great city, and we really enjoyed a lot of what we ate!! thanks again for all the great suggestions!