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Aug 1, 2007 01:38 PM

Brooklyn Heights recomendation [moved from Manhattan board]

a friend of mine is moving into a new apt in brooklyn heights right by the brooklyn law school campus.

I am hoping to find a good reasonable place (less than 30 or so per person) to take her to dinner when she moves in.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Brooklyn Law is on Joralemon and Boerum. Boerum has Smith St parallel on one side and Court on the other when you walk toward and across Atlantic Ave. At that point, you can walk down either Smith or Court and pick from the 20 places within the next 10 blocks. Or look at the boards for many recommendations.

    For me, within that price range, the best choice is Downtown Atlantic (2 blocks up Atlantic toward Flatbush... easy walk from Bklyn L.School. Cafe Carciofo (Court), Waterfalls or Fountain (Atlantic), or Tabac (Smith) are the other, but not as good, easy options. Within a couple $$ more is Lunetta (Smith).

    1. While it's a bit of a walk, Chestnut on Smith St is great. The food is very good - although the prices are higher than your target, if you don't have any restrictions in terms of the day of week for the dinner then you can go on Tues or Weds for their prix fixe. $25 for 3 courses and you can order anything off the menu. It's a great deal. They also have a very nice garden in the back.

      Also on Smith, I like Cafe Luluc better than Tabac for casual French. Their hanger steak is great, as is their chicken sandwich with asiago cheese, arugula and avocado (I basically never order sandwiches like this for dinner but this is the one exception).

      If you want something closer and much more casual, Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic has great burgers and beer.

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        Buono Guston on Montague is great. PLENTY of places to walk to/fro BLSchool. Juniors is also w/i walking distance, the other way.

      2. While at the upper end of your price range, Queen on Court Street is very close and excellent. I finally ate at Downtown Atlantic (on Atlantice Ave.) recently and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cooking, this would be right in your price range and the restaurant has a grown up feel. If you want more casual surroundings and very solid food, I will second bothe Waterfalls (Middle Eastern) and Pete's (bar food) on Atlantic

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        1. re: deepyarn

          Another option might be Noodle Pudding on Henry Street. It's good, affordable Italian. And they even have a couple of very decent $10 bottles of wine on the menu.

          1. re: bread for breakfast

            Noodle Pudding is a solid recommendation, above average Italian dishes, friendly service, cheap wine options, nice decor, I've always been pleased when I go there.

            1. re: fishermb

              You won't go wrong with Noodle Pudding -- note though that it's no reservations and cash only, so plan accordingly.

              1. re: Peter

                So i am deciding between downtown atlantic and. noodle pudding.

                Suggestions between the two?

                THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

                1. re: eastvillageater

                  um, noodle pudding is by far my favorite restaurant in the area. great prices, lively atmosphere...get the paparedelle with duck ragu.

        2. Noodle Pudding is good, as is Downtown...I would make my decision based on if you're in the mood for Italian or more modern American - they are of equivalent quality. I am surprised that nobody suggested Jolie on Atlantic - near Downtown and similar style menu. Tabac has great burgers but can get smelly (I think it's the cheese on the onion soup and not the many French people that visit). Chestnut is great value but you're getting up to Saul prices. Cafe LuLuc is good also, more casual and as mentioned before has a great reasonably price steak.

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            Noodle Pudding was excellent. thanks for the suggestions!