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Aug 1, 2007 01:29 PM

Miami Beach-Help me Select a restaurant

Staying in Miami Beach in early September, please help me select:

Italian: Sardinia, Rosinella or Osteria Del Teatro?

Fish: Grillfish, AltaMar or Joe's Stone Crab?


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  1. Have you tried a search on the board? This topic and these restaurants have been discussed ad nauseum. One suggestion, I believe Joe's will be closed in September as stone crab season begins October 15.

    1. Osteria is the best italian and is much more expesive than sardinia which is one of my favorite restaurants overall. Rosinella is a step below sardinia.

      I would do altamar - as stone crabs are out of season and Joes may or may not be closed anyway.

      No deli. You can get decent paninis though...or go to sandwicherie for sandwiches.

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        I've not tried Osteria and AltaMar so can't address. Sardinia has wonderful antipasti and salumi, and the food focus is on a particular regional style of Italian food. Rosinella is a more casual place and more "traditional" Italian. Both good, just different kinds of places.

        It's been a while since I've done Grillfish but my experiences have generally been good if unexciting. Joe's I still think is good even without the stone crabs.

        Epicure is more of a gourmet market than a deli but certainly has a deli counter and they'll fix you a nice sandwich. Their tuna salad is excellent.