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Aug 1, 2007 01:27 PM

Coventry CT Farmer's Market

Is it worth the trip from New London? Any must taste vendors?

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  1. Depends on what you're looking for - we drove up there from Cromwell a couple of weeks ago.
    Really good veggies/fruit - the usual suspects & there's someone who sells shitake & other mushrooms as well as Cato Corners cheese - he's at Cato Farm in Colchester most Saturday's too.
    Not that impressed by the baked goods etc.
    They do have a lot of 'activities' so if one of those suits you might be worth the trip (they have a website
    )Have you tried the one at Ashlawn Farms in Old Lyme - fantastic breads/cakes, fresh fish, salsa as well as fruit/veggies.

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    1. re: ctbrit

      Where is Cato's farm in Colchester?

      1. re: sodagirl

        See their website - it's a cheesemaking operation but they have onsite cheese sales on Sat morning & one of the vendors from coventry farmers markets seems to be there often selling some of his produce - just to clarify, it's not a farmers market rather a farm where you can buy their products.
        Cato corners cheese is also stocked in Highland Park supermarkets & Wild Raspberry (Cromwell/West Hartford) & I believe they go to NYC Union square market too.
        V. good cheese IMO - especially Womanchengo & Misty Morning

        1. re: ctbrit

          When you said cheese...I realized who you were talking about...

          Colchester is getting to be a pretty good place to spend time...burgers, cheese, black bread and mushrooms! They need a brewery.

          1. re: sodagirl

            I thought you'd figured it out, just didn't want anyone to be too confused!

            The italian bakery just of the main drag is pretty good to - we had great chocoloate cake & italian cheesecake from there - probably where you get the black bread from..I didn't care for the bread - was expecting something much heavier more like a german rye, but the cakes were fantastic!

            1. re: ctbrit

              If you go by Harry;s and it;s on the come up to the green...the Vietnam stone is right in front of you...take the left and the bakery is about a hundred yards down on the right...the black bread is fabulous.

    2. The Coventry market added a new baker in the last month... Collinsville Baking Company.

      They have great rustic breads like their Olive Ciabatta and Walnut raisin levain but also good hummus, pesto, granola, biscotti, and pastry.

      This baker makes it worth the trip!

      There's a very good grass-fed beef vendor too and organic herbs and goat chevre.

      August 12 is their old-fashioned corn roast. Looks like a good day to go...