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Aug 1, 2007 01:25 PM

Breakfast/Lunch/Hangout in Baltimore?

Hi there. My friend and I will be in Baltimore this weekend for Virgin Festival, and since I bought our train tickets before the set times were released, we have a lot of extra time on Saturday morning before we need to be at Pimlico. To be more specific, we'll probably be in Baltimore around 8 in the morning and we won't need to be at the festival until closer closer to 1. So my question is: does anyone know of any cool breakfast places? I'm not picky about niceness or greasiness. And for later during the day: do you have any suggestions for what we might do? We may also want a good lunch since festival food is often pretty awful.

Note: We'll be arriving at Penn Station and will eventually end up at the Pimlico Race Course, so places that are easily accessible (if not immediately nearby) to those areas would be best.

Thank you!!!

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  1. the fallinggirl,
    Yes, I highly recommend Miss Shirley's. Saturday hours 7:30-3:30 and it's close by. If you want to see the menu or map, here's the website. I eat here often. Everything I have had is incredible and the portions are large.

    1. How are you getting around once you're in Baltimore?

      I'm not a breakfast person, especially not out, my my immediate thoughts would be for you and friend to walk north only a few blocks to the area of Mt. Vernon. (Someone else would have to help you on the the breakfast spots there, but there's at least one greasy sub shop that may have breakfast.

      Once things open, Mt Vernon is a good area for museums and galleries, if you want to spend some time that way.

      Also, if you're using public transport, just note: it's not good here, so it'll take more time than you ever imagined getting from the train station to Pimlico.

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        Thanks for the warning about public transport. Since it will be crowded with festival goers, it will probably be even worse. We'll be conservative about timing and try to get to Pimlico early, which still leaves us time for breakfast I think. Maybe not a four hour one, though :)

      2. I don't live in Baltimore, so I am not sure where this place is in relation to Mt Vernon, a cab ride, at least...but I just discovered Papermoon Diner and thought it was the coolest place. Check out the website (there is if you are at work, turn it down) The fun thing about this place is that it has such funky, creative decor. They glued toys and other whimsical objects to any available space. It is so quirky - the website has pics. But the food is pretty tasty too. It is an experience in itself and they have a huge menu with tons of yummy breakfast things and a lot of vegetarian fare. I thought the coffee was pretty good and was totally impressed by how friendly everyone was there.

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        1. re: AndreaD

          Paper Moon gets slammed a lot on this board, mostly accurately. A lot of their food is just bad. But I've always found the breakfast menu to be competent. Its not the best around, but it's decent. I'd avoid anything else though.

        2. Dogwood for breakfast, 911 36th Street in Hampden, or Golden West, also on 36th street in Hampden, Iggie's Pizza on Calvert for lunch

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          1. re: honeybee926

            I'll second Golden West, especially if you're actively planning on spending a lot of time, since between their wait and the often ditzy service, it can be a leisurely meal. Good food, though. I'm personally not a huge fan of the Dogwood breakfast.

          2. In the morning, go two blocks _south_ towards Mt. Vernon (yes, it's the opposite direction of Pimlico) on Charles for XS or further south (and one block west) for City Cafe on Catherdral. Google them for specific addresses and their hours.

            People love Miss Shirley's and the Paper Moon Dinner is a cool place but it's not like cabs drive by them all the time so you'd have to walk back toward Charles from either location for an uptown bus or to catch a cab (good luck on that one). Just call a cab.

            I love Iggie's, but it's no where close to Pimlico. Check out this tread started by another Virgin Fest chowhound:


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            1. re: paulyr

              I agree that if you're taking the train into town and then relying on public transportation or on our paucity of cabs, you're best to stick to the Mt Vernon neighborhood (just south of Penn Station) in the morning. Get yourself a Baltimore metro one-day pass which will work on the Light Rail, Metro (subway) and on buses.

              City Cafe is a good option. Not far from the Walters Art Gallery, in the heart of Mt Vernon on the corner of Cathedral and Eager, and a short walk from both the Light Rail (which you can take from Penn Station) and the Metro (which you can take to Pimlico).

              Enjoy our fair, funky city!

              1. re: bordeauxfan

                It appears that City Cafe doesn't open until 10, but thank you for the help anyway.