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Aug 1, 2007 01:13 PM

Groceries in Bozeman

I am arriving by air about 1PM on a Saturday in a few weeks to hit the parks with family. Since the food sucks in Yellowstone, I thought I would get all chowish and find some good food to take up there in town before heading to Chico HS for stop#1

my dilemna is that the farmers market in BZN closes at 12PM acc. to their website so I need to find a good market or co-op in BZN to buy fruit, cheese, drinks, bread, all the good stuff that I can't take on the plane, right?

Any BZN locals know a good place to pick up this sort of foodstuff on a Saturday afternoon?

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  1. Town and Country is a local employee owned grocery store with decent produce. You will want to pick up some bread at Montana-based Great Harvest Bread. I assume you know that you will not need to take food to Chico Hotsprings! Be sure to make dinner reservations before your arrival. Sunday brunch also needs a reservation.

    1. I'm not a local, but my mom and brother live out there. My suggestion would be to stop by the Bozeman Community Food Co-op - .

      Community Food Co-Op
      908 W Main St, Bozeman, Mt 59715

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        You can indeed get everything you want at the Co-op. If you want to hit the Town & Country, I'd advise simply stopping at the one in Livingston before heading down to Chico (you'd thereby avoid going through downtown Bozeman).

        1. re: Spot

          Thanks much by the time I get toYellowstone my family will no doubt be ready for real food since they will have already benn eating that Xanterra dreack for days.

          One more question - is there anything between Pray and YNP off 89 where I could pick up stuff on a Sunday morning? I remember getting cherries once in the summer but I think they were shipped down from Flathead. Any local fruit stands or anything like that I just look out for?

          1. re: corydon

            Short answer: No.

            Hot tip: Gardiner has a drive-in called Helen's Corral (on the right as you head into town from the north, b/f the Post Office). Buffalo burgers. Truly wonderful. This is not health food.