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Aug 1, 2007 01:02 PM

Where can I find honey - like the kind in the Fage Total Yogurt

Zergut seems to be comparable to some people. Are there any places in NYC where I can find this? Or any good honey. Do I have to go to Astoria? Where?

My grandmother used to mix honey with cod liver oil as my medicine. So it is only just recently that I can appreciate honey. Otherwise I end up with cod lvier oil taste memories.

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  1. there is fantastic locally made honey at the greenmarket in union square - wed & sat.

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      I get my honey at the greenmarket. My bf brings me yogurt, haleumi, etc. from Astoria.

    2. Kalustyan's is on Lex, b/t 28th & 29th Sts. Their website lists 75 different honeys, including one Greek.

      Edited to add: I really like Fage yogurt. I use the non-fat variety, which is really tasty. I don't buy it with honey included. I add some myself -- plain old Golden Blossom works for me -- along with some chopped walnuts. Yum!

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        Thanks for all the suggestions! I went to Kalustyans - WOW! Awesome store. I bought an Attika and an Orino Thyme honey. Now I wish I got the Leatherwood one as well. I am gorging myself on Total Fage and honey. Thanks again! The stand at Rockefeller Center seems to only sell one variety of clover honey. I'm going to check out Union Square as well.

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          The guy at the Union Square farmers market has been on NPR a few times talking about the stuff, it's called NYC Rooftop Honey. He's great to talk to when you're there, incredibly passionate about honey. His wife and daughter sell the jams and jellys that they make at the same stand. As a side note, sometimes he sells jars of honey with honeycomb in them (for an extra $5, definitely worth it).

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            Yes, at Kalustyan's, every nook and cranny is filled with all sorts of wonderful things. I often joke, if they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist! lol

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              Next time try the Bee Real brands at Kalustyan, which I think is easily the best source for honey in the city. Bee Real is pricey, but their honey's in a different league from the rest--complex, viscous, delicious--just what real (i.e., not American) yogurt demands. $15 isn't much to pay for decent wine, so think of this as the best $15 bottle you ever got and it lasts ten times longer. I'm crazy for the Saw Palmetto, but they're all good. They even make a clover that's interesting; that's how good they are at what they (the bees and the beekeepers, presumably) do.

              Leatherwood is definitely not your everyday honey, but I think your grandmother would appreciate its medicinal aspect. It's well worth trying.

              As for the Union Square honey guys, I think there are different ones--a Friday honey guy, who is really nice and helpful, and the Saturday guy, who's not. In both cases, their honeys are just ok.

              Finally, I'd also recommend the Blue Ribbon shop. They let you sample, and they're honey on buttered toast is a great snack, although it's a little hot these days for toast.

          2. My favorite honey is the wildflower blend from the house brand at Agata & Valentino's - very, very floral and perfumey. It crystallizes very quickly, but I kind of like the crystals (on bread, at least - for yogurt, you'd probably have to heat it up a little to get it more liquid).

            1. Amazing honey is to be had at Blue Ribbon Market on Bedford, but it is bloody expensive! It's worth it, but I use it sparingly and use honey from the guy at the Union Sq. market ($8 for a huge container) as my beverage sweetener.

              1. I saw a honey table set up at the Rockefeller Center farmers market this afternoon.