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Aug 1, 2007 12:48 PM

where to eat after the Paramount


We will be in Seattle later this month for two nights. The fist evening we are thinking of eating at Crush, Cafe Juanita, or Sitka & Spruce. The second night we will be seeing Young Frankenstein at the Paramount. I was wondering where we go after the theater to eat.

Thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. if you want someplace within walking distance, you can try Barolo (try to reserve one of the padded banquettes)

    1. at what is essentially the back door of the paramount theater is union square bar & grill where i have had several very good meals in the recent past. i understand they have a reduced price 'happy hour' for both food and drinks that begins at 9pm and may very well be a good place for you to check out.

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          Thanks so much - it looks like the Palace Kitchen and Tavolata are open after 10:30 so it probably will be one of those two.