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where to eat after the Paramount

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We will be in Seattle later this month for two nights. The fist evening we are thinking of eating at Crush, Cafe Juanita, or Sitka & Spruce. The second night we will be seeing Young Frankenstein at the Paramount. I was wondering where we go after the theater to eat.

Thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. if you want someplace within walking distance, you can try Barolo (try to reserve one of the padded banquettes) http://www.baroloseattle.com/pdf/menu...

    1. at what is essentially the back door of the paramount theater is union square bar & grill where i have had several very good meals in the recent past. i understand they have a reduced price 'happy hour' for both food and drinks that begins at 9pm and may very well be a good place for you to check out.

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          Thanks so much - it looks like the Palace Kitchen and Tavolata are open after 10:30 so it probably will be one of those two.