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Aug 1, 2007 12:39 PM

Coco D'amour in Simi Valley

Has anyone been here. I am going this Saturday with a group of people for dinner and the comedy show.

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  1. Eaten there once. The quality was uneven, but the good dishes were quite good. A little on the high side for a strip center restaurant. I'd stay close to the fish.... it was the best of the various choices. The Ahi Poke starter was quite tasty.

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    1. re: simichow

      Just called to find out when they're open (not listed on the website). Tuesday-Sunday, Lunch: 11-2:30; Dinner: 5-9/10 (open until 10 on Tues. [Karoake], Fri, and Sat).

    2. My sister lives in Simi Valley, & she has praised that place. She went 4 or 5 times recently, and said that for $29.99 you get a choice of some terrific entrees & the full show of comedians. (I don't live in that area; but I am feeling motivated to check it out, myself). She said the comedians she saw were hilarious, so I assume you will enjoy yourself.

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        I had no idea they did comedy shows. My wife ate there a while back and liked it. We will check it out.