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Aug 1, 2007 12:36 PM

best chicken fingers in DC?

hey guys i'm new to DC and i've got a craving for chicken fingers similar to the ones i used to get at raising cain, something breaded, not battered. i live on the hill but anything in the DC metro area would be great. any suggestions? thanks.

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  1. my wife loves the ones at district chophouse but i dont know if they are breaded or battered

    1. Ok, I know this is bizzare, but the Rayburn Cafeteria on Capitol Hill has the best chicken fingers I've ever had. You can get a basket of fingers and fries for $5. Can't beat that. :)
      Good luck!

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      1. re: kyfoodieindc

        Oh ya those are damn good. They also have them on the Senate side. I would get them a lot as an intern.

        1. re: kyfoodieindc


          So Fatty.
          So Tasty.

          See? Evil.

        2. This is something that I feel DC is MAJORLY missing especially from the pizza shops and delivery sub shops in DC.

          In Boston and Upstate NY where I went to college you could get yummy breaded chicken fingers at almost any pizza store or sub shop. Especially for delivery.

          In Boston they often served them with duck sauce (mmmm) and in NY I got either ranch or blue cheese dressing with them.

          Unfortunatly I haven't been able to find them in DC for delivery and trust me I have tried. Especially my early, late-night drunk years....that's when I reallllly needed them.

          1. My chicken finger-lovin' husband swears by the breaded chicken fingers at Martin's in Georgetown. Very crispy, with a good honey-mustard. They're his favorite late-night snack (followed closely by chicken shwarama at Quick Pita).

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            1. re: katecm

              Do you know if they deliver at all? Some places in Georgetown will deliver to Dupont!

              (Btw...this is a very dangerous topic. I really should not find out where I can get delicious chicken fingers. My diet will be blown to pieces with the knowledge lol)

              1. re: Elyssa

                No, Martin's doesn't deliver. So the good news is, you'll burn the calories walking there from Dupont.... I promise. Just don't go for their bread pudding, which would requires walking the perimeter of DC to burn.

                1. re: katecm

                  I've actually never heard of Martin's. Where in Georgetown is it and what type of place is it? A place that sells chicken fingers AND bread pudding...mmmmm.

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    You've never heard of Martin's? ;)

                    Martin's Tavern is an old school, slightly upscale Georgetown pub, between M and N Streets on Wisconsin.

                    1. re: gina

                      Never heard of it! Weirrrd. I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Georgetown.

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        Elyssa, I'm disappointed in you! Martin's is one of the oldest restaurants in DC. When you go, ask them for their historic information - they have a paper that has all sorts of trivia about their different booths, like where JFK and Jackie reportedly got engaged.

                        Most of the food isn't notable. In fact, a lot of it is crappy, but if you stick with the basics, like the fingers, Welsh rarebit, etc., you'll be just fine.

                        1. re: katecm

                          I hate disappointing my fellow Chowhounders! I keep racking my brain trying to figure out if I've been here before or heard of it and it just doesn't ring a bell.

                          Don't tell my bf...he went to Georgetown and probably would be equally as disappointed in me! lol

            2. The Tune Inn is my guilty pleasure for these, but they're not the draw. It's just what I usually eat there to soak up the drinks. Unsure about breaded vs battered (see mention of drinks).

              Can't remember if Bungalow (closest is in Shirlington) has fingers - I'm sure they do - but they do have the best hot wings in the area, imo (especially with the 3 mile island sauce). I really can't say if theirs are breaded or battered if they do carry them.

              For a switch up, get salty crispy chicken at a good sichuan place - Joe's Noodle House in Rockville being my fave. I get those just to go and eat them later whenever I'm there.