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salad for fried chicken menu?

what kind of salad would you serve with an "all-american" fried chicken menu (fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, gravy)?

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  1. Gee, sounds like a menu my grandmother would serve. And she would, of course, have jello salad.

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      seriously. my six-year-old niece chose her own birthday dinner menu. i'm just playing along. ;)

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        a six year old would probably either want mac and cheese, or maybe she would like the mashed potatoes with a milk gravy.
        Biscuits with honey, peas with mint and lettuce
        Chopped salad with pepper mayonnaise or thousand Island
        And homemade peach ice cream with sugar cookies.
        If I were 6, that would be what I would want and is in fact what I would of gotten back then with a birthday dinner request for Fried Chicken...and being able to watch anything I wanted on TV. And don't forget the birthday cake!

      1. I'd serve a cucumber, onion and tomato salad with this.

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          Ditto the cucumber & tomato for some color, or carrot & raisin salad

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            If the hostess is serving cole slaw, I'd go with the cucumber, tomato, onion salad too.

          2. Fruit Salad can balance the heaviness of the rest of the meal. And it's summery! Or maybe green bean salad if you can get good beans.

            1. Crispy iceberg lettuce with smokey bacon, tomatoes and an herbed buttermilk dressing or bleu cheese dressing (homemade dressings of course) and maybe some thinly sliced and soaked red onions

              1. Crisp green salad or coleslaw

                1. All-American KFC cole slaw. Google it for a copycat recipe.

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                    i forgot, the hostess is already serving coleslaw.

                  2. Are you looking for a salad that goes with your theme or something to cut through all that heaviness? I think you've gotten great suggestions for the former, but if you're looking for something that will help balance the meal, I would use a dark lettuce and toppings with a light or acidic flavor -- maybe fennel and apple or pear? maybe orange slices and walnuts? maybe just thin slices of ripe tomato? -- and a very light dressing (balsamic&evoo).

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                    1. Waldorf salad leaps to mind.

                      1. What? No fresh corn? I love corn and sliced summer tomatoes with a dollop of good mayonnaise, salt and cracked black pepper with fried chicken. I was thinking separately, but maybe a fresh sweet corn salad with cherry or grape tomatoes would be a tasty alternative.

                        Happy Birthday to your niece!

                        1. Sounds like an iceberg wedge kind of thing. That or something very traditional, like iceberg, shredded carrots, tomatoes, and shredded cheddar with ranch :-)

                          Could also do a raw sliced mushroom salad.

                          My favorite summer salad is simply chopped tomatoes, chopped red onions, mixed and marinated with TJ's Fat Free Balsamic Vinegar.

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                            I think a light fruit salad would work here or Jell-o...

                          2. Carrot & raisin salad, or coleslaw.

                            1. Since the cole slaw is already covered, I'd go with a cucumber,tomato, sliced red onion, and maybe calamata olives with some feta cheese and a balsamic vinagrette.

                              1. Roasted sweet corn and arugula salad with slivered red onions, crumbled goat cheese and a simple vinagrette.

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                                  Now that sounds excellent (I missed the earlier post re: coleslaw already being served by the hostess). This would add a nice tang to the meal.

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                                    I never make it without every bit being devoured!