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Aug 1, 2007 11:47 AM

patio needed for large group in downtown toronto

i'm planning a birthday gathering (about 15 people) on monday.
she wants good people watching (maybe college?) and some of the guests are musicians so we need something VERY affordable.
decent food of course.
any suggestions?
we are thinking sotto voce, cafe dip or langolino - i've never been to any (except dip and they always give us a problem when we want to move tables around)
any hidden gems i am missing??

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  1. Simple, go to Bairradinho Churasquiera on College. Portuguese BBQ chicken. Good, cheap, huge patio. As Ari would say....BOOM!

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    1. re: Peter Ribeiro

      I believe Bairrada on College may be closed on Monday.

    2. go with mirvish village - take over the patio at Butler's Pantry or head down the street to the Victory Cafe, or head down Bloor to Green Room if you want VERY affordable.
      or, Red Room.

      1. Mill St. Brew Pub has 1/2 price aps on Mondays. Great patio, too. Some food is good (sweet potato fries, mussels), some is just OK.

        1. The Victory Café is a great choice.

          Another option: Caffé Volo (Yonge & Wellesley) has $4 pints on Mondays, and a large enough patio. You might want to get there early, or give them a call, though I'm not sure they take reservations. The food there is OK, so you might want to have a pint or few there, then head elsewhere for food. If it were up to me, I'd pair Volo with Rashnaa (Parliament & Wellesley). A decent walk (20 min) or a short TTC/bike trip.