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Aug 1, 2007 11:43 AM

Trade Fair Supermarkets - Best Items?

Just moved to Jackson Heights, and i LOVE Trade Fair.

At first, I was a bit put off by the look of the place - kinda dark and dingy (I shop at Whole Foods a lot so I'm used to bright and airy).

I have to say, walking throught the vegetable aisle, I was so happily shocked to see the amount of organic produce they carry.

Then, I got a bottle of Turkish olive oil that was on sale for $4.99. Got home and tasted it - it exploded with flavour. Most grocery stores charge 3X the price for only average-tasting olive oil.

So, for those who shop there regularly, what are the "secret finds" or the best items they carry, that you'd recommend?

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  1. i go there every time i'm in jackson heights for the frozen tropical fruit purees. try the passionfruit, guanabana, and lullo. at about a dollar a bag, much much cheaper than any fancy food store that charges about 8 bucks for passion fruit puree. Also I get the frozen coconut to keep in my freezer for indian food.

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      I second the frozen fruit purees. Recently purchased the frozen lulo to prepare in a shake. Results were delicious and refreshing!

    2. the assortment of chutneys/pickles is every bit as good as that at Patel Brothers, which is pretty are the packaged lentils/dried beans on the same aisle. The meat counter is much improved under the new management, and seems to have much better turnover than it used to. it's also nice to see organic dairy choices other than milk in their dairy case. having it open 24 hours is also a boon!

      1. I like FAGE Yogurt (Greek). Thanks for the Turkish Olive Oil recommendation. Once I purchased the Halal Cooked Chicken and it was very good.

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          Oh, I didn't know they had Fage- so good to know.

          Those shelves are a bit overwhelming - they are stocked so fully - so these recs are great.

        2. The halal meat is very very good. We buy it all the time and it is very fresh. MY husband gets lamb liver and eats it raw, so I mean it when i say fresh.

          You can also get the middle eastern leban
          e which is like a yogurt spread and it is very thick. You spread it on pita.

          1. Don't overlook the Fish section which is at the end of the produce aisle. Especially appealing is the Mahi, Shark, Wild Tuna & Swordfish all vacuum packed for freshness and very low prices. For dessert pick up a container ($2.39 each) of Tres Leches Sponge Cake (white) or Cuatro Leches Sponge Cake (dark). Both in the dairy section.