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Aug 1, 2007 11:36 AM

Goat brains & lamb testicles in Manchvegas

The Union Leader has an article today about a halal market in Manchester NH called Spice Center on Maple Street. The store features the above-mentioned delicacies, as well as other Middle-Eastern staples such as pita bread and water pipes. The article mentions Manchester's growing cultural diversity, and also talks about a Bosnian market on the same street. There's also a Bosnian restaurant called Begy's. Who knew?

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  1. The Bosnian place is pretty good. I went there earlier this summer.

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    1. re: kaszeta

      Begy's is great. and they had a great lunch "specials" menu.

    2. Ok I will agree the meat selection is not my cup of tea, not for the faint of heart, and not what you will see at the local grocery store. I have an admiration for the practice of using the whole beast though.
      The frozen fish in the case next to the meat counter are pretty wild too!
      That said…I shop there often and a few of my favorites are.
      The Nan breads. Lots to choose from fresh and frozen. I get the Roghani Nan and it is fantastic heated up in a fry pan. The frozen garlic Nan is good too. Lots of other choices. You’ll never buy store bought pita bread again!
      The yogurt is thick tangy.
      Frozen Saag Paneer.
      Garlic and Ginger pastes and Ghee. Big time saver for making curry.
      Large selection of Basmatti rice and Dal.
      Shan spice boxes. You can get a decent curry on the table quickly using these. If you are new to them I suggest you try the “Chicken Curry”. It’s fast, easy and delicious. (By the way there is a Shan box for “Hooves” and you can get the required ingredient at the meat counter :)
      The samosas at the counter are good too.
      And of course a large selection of spices at a much better value than the supermarket. Yeah I love this place!

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      1. re: tunapet

        I have to put this place on my rotation. When I was in Jamaica, a local schoolteacher told me that the sign of a good cow hoof curry is that it makes your lips stick together.

      2. I just read that article today too. I can't wait to shop there. I was just in paris and we ate lambs testicles at an innards (sp?) restaurant - they were yummy. Of course I didn't know what I was ordering, I like mystery food.

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            Sauteed in a light, very light sauce. I thought they might have been scallops, ha ha ha, but I knew the texture was not right for scallops. We were all trying to guess what they were. Pretty funny, we finally got up the nerve to try and ask at the end of the meal.

        1. I refuse to go into that store again. I went in about a year ago, and they chastised me for wearing shorts (It was near 100 degrees out)
          Seems women are not welcome in that store without a Burqa.

          1. My personal favorite is lamb kidneys, marinate a few minutes with lemon juice and olive oil, grill and sprinkle with fresh lemon and some evoo.