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Aug 1, 2007 11:33 AM

5 days in Baltimore/DC

Our hotel is in Linthicum Heights. Thursday night we plan to go to the inner harbor for dinner somewhere. Friday we will be in DC all day, hope to visit the zoo, the Air and Space museum, and whatever else we might have time for. Saturday we will be at the virgin festival all day and will probably only get to eat whatever they have inside. Sunday we won't be going till 5pm and therefore we will need to eat lunch somewhere beforehand. I believe we're going to try to make the National Aquarium early that morning. Monday we leave out after breakfast. Any ideas where we can go. Needs to be fairly inexpensive and close to things I've listed. I really appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

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  1. Are you metro-ing?

    If so -- Lebanese Taverna is right across from the Woodley-Park/Zoo metro stop. You also would pass Dupont on your way downtown to the museums, and there are many very good restaurants there.

    Downtown near the Air & Space museum -- The AMerican Indian Museum cafeteria is excellent and very unique. Also if you cross over the Mall you are in Penn Quarter/Chinatown. Again, an area with dozens of excellent restaurants.

    What kind of food are you looking for? and what is your price range? are we talking really cheap (under 10) or DC/good food/relatively cheap (entrees $15-25)?

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      Yes we're going to try to park somewhere outside of DC and take the metro in. We can do 15-25 for a couple meals and 10ish for most others. I like to try really unique places so other than Indian (India not Native American) food I'm game.

      1. re: shockingbluerose

        I would then pick either Lebanese Taverna (near the Zoo) or Oyamel (Mexican Tapas) in Penn Quarter for a high price meal -- and then hit up the NMAI cafeteria for the other meal. Also, as a hint, a lot of the downtown restaurants that are pretty pricey for dinner (ie Cafe Atlantico) have very reasonable lunch menus (10-15 entrees) to cater to the working crowds nearby.

        1. re: shockingbluerose

          Not far from the zoo and Metro stop in Woodley Park, on Calvert Street just east of Connecticut Avenue, is the Afghan Grill. It's excellent, exotic, way less crowded than Lebanese Taverna and very reasonable.