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Aug 1, 2007 11:17 AM

Recommendations for well-made cocktails?

Sorry if this has been covered--using 'cocktails' to search the board wasn't working for me.

I plan to visit Boston in September, and I'm looking to visit some places that care about their cocktails, either in the classic sense or innovative-but-not-offensively-experimental sense. I'm not picky about whether it's a restaurant or bar, but I am picky about bartenders who know what they're doing.

To give some references (in case anyone is familiar with NYC, where I'm coming from), I'm partial to places like Pegu, Little Branch, and Death & Co.

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  1. I think the top two places for cocktails in Boston are the bars at Eastern Standard Kitchen and at #9 Park.

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      Eastern Standard is definitely a must. I think they've got the best bartenders in the city.

      Cuchi Cuchi might be worth a try too.

      1. re: lissy

        Yes, and I do like having a good ol' Hendricks martini at the bar at Locke Ober, too.

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          I think the top three places for cocktails in Boston are the bars at Eastern Standard Kitchen, #9 Park, and B-Side Lounge. ;-)

          Edit: oh yeah, forgot about Green Street.
          I would NOT include 28 Degrees or even Franklin in the tippy top tier, as suggested below.

          1. re: Alcachofa

            i second alcachofa's three best places... no comparison

            b-side, #9, and eastern standard

        2. Green Street in Cambridge! A huge selection of classics, plus lots of interesting new ones - try one of the egg white drinks. They know their stuff there. Plus, the drinks are very reasonable for boston - $6 - $8 for most drinks (I think). It's pretty casual, and they have good (but not great) food. Try the spicy nuts - of course, they will promote further drinking...

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            Last time I was at Green Street, Misty told me about a Chartreuse event they are doing on Sunday, the 19th (I think).

            Sounds like a good time!

          2. I agree w/ the other posters. The bartenders at #9 Park and ESK are big fans of the craftsmanship at Pegu, etc. #9 has a few lights of cocktails so you can sample more and make it back to your hotel ok. I tried the champagne flight a few months ago, and enjoyed my first Seelbach. Green Street is also good, and the B-Side Lounge in Cambridge has a fabulous list of well-made vintage cocktails.

            Also in Cambridge, I like Chez Henri, and their bar menu is great. Their Cubano is legendary on this board. West Side Lounge also does some very nice things with muddled fruit, etc. In Central Sq, the Enormous Room has a few good offerings too.

            MC Slim will weigh in on this topic soon, I'm guessing, and he's will have other terrific suggestions, I'm sure!

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            1. re: Bluebell

              Hands down it has to be Eastern Standard. No place else I have been even comes close. Their bartenders are very dedicated to their craft and if you have any questions about something that contains alcohol, comes in a bottle and you can drink it I am sure they would be able to answer. I love their Old Fashions made with a high quality rye whiskey which is what a traditional Old Fashion should be made with.

            2. Eastern Standard, B Side, Franklin, Cuchi Cuchi, 28 Degrees and The Alchemist all have great bartenders and excellent cocktails.

              1. My top 3, in no particular order are Green St., No. 9 and Eastern Standard. No. 9 and Green St are my go to places for convenience and atmosphere, ES is nice if there isn't a game. The B-Side lately, IMHO, has gone slightly down hill, either that or Misty, John and Jackson at Green St. No. 9 and ES have become better.

                Green St. is probably the cheapest and is definitely the least crowded on a Friday/Saturday so the bartenders will be able to take some time with you and your cocktails, No. 9 gets a cool crowd on weeknights (and weekends too but it's difficult to get a seat at the bar). BSide is just cool. ESK is probably best later in the evening on a week night.