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Aug 1, 2007 10:56 AM

Artu North End, finally...

I've been meaning to make my way over to Artu on Prince Street for lunch to try one of their famed sandwiches and I finally made the trek today. It's well worth it I must say. I had the thin sliced lamb with marinated eggplant. It's a pretty large sub with the lamb and eggplant drizzled with jus. It had a small kick to it that I liked and it was really delicious. One of my co-workers got the porchetta which was just as big and he absolutely loved. We've both declared that we'll be heading over that way more often especially when the weather is nice. There were lots of tasty looking sandwiches on their menu. Our sandwiches were each $7.25.

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you liked Artu. DH and I love it. Go for dinner too, if you can. You won't be disappointed.

    1. Thanks for the Artu report, Lissy. I think the sandwiches are the best, along with their daily antipasto, which you can preview from the window. The sandwich price has risen a bit, but still a great lunch deal. That eggplant alone is worth the price.

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        It's a huge sandwich so I was happy to pay the price :)

      2. The lamb sandwich at the Charles Street location is just as good, and might be a good option to add to your lunch rotation.

        1. I'm a big fan of the Artu lamb sandwich.

          If you don't have time/or don't want walk to Prince or Charles St,, the Pace on Devonshire in the financial district does the lamb w/o eggplant or the roast pork..not both daily but each as a special...1 or 2 days/week. Not as good as Artu but maybe more convenient.

          1. Based on CH advice I went to the North End Artu with my parents for lunch. It was good but nothing extraordinary. I got the Provolone, salami, coppa and marinated eggplant panini. Perhaps I'm mistaken as to what a panini is but I expected it to come out grilled/pressed with, at the very least, melted cheese. But it was just served on a cold sub roll and the cheese was not melted at all. The sandwich ingredients were tasty but I think it could have been a lot better if it was grilled or put on a sandwich press.

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              Panini just means "sandwich" in Italian. Unfortunately, in the US, many places use the term "panini" to mean a "grilled sandwich..." so that's where the confusion comes in. When you go to a fairly authentic Italian spot and they offer paninis, it's best to assume they aren't necessarily grilled (unless specified so.)

              1. re: twentyoystahs

                Thanks for the explanation. I figured it was something like that.