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Aug 1, 2007 10:41 AM

Rehearsal Dinner for 50 people

We are looking for a place with a great private room to have our Rehearsal Dinner. Any suggestions? No more than $75 per person.

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  1. Check Beacon Restaurant on W. 56th street or Michael's on W. 55th. Both have amazing private spaces and both are priced variably according to season.

    1. Nicole's at Nicole Farhi

      1. we are having ours at gradisca on 13th street with about 50 people as well. it'll be about $55 including 3 courses, wine, and dessert. their back room is great. food is italian and good to very good and the owners are fantastic to deal with.

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          Thanks for the recommendations. Has anyone ever done something at Jane on Houston?

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            I looked into it for our rehearsal, but their room wasn't big enough... I believe it holds 50 or 60. I've never eaten there, but it gets recommended on here very often for brunch and group parties, and it's probably an excellent option if you want to keep stuff in the village area. I thought the deal looked great, but unfortunately was stuck with a huge rehearsal dinner group (tho it was a lot of fun and don't regret any of it :)

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              we had dinner for 30 at jane, and it was lovely. the food was very good- far better that i had expected. we did the most expensive option, with passed hors d'ouevres and 1h open bar at the beginning. the wine got a little expensive, so if your guests are big drinkers, i'd just choose bottles in advance and make those the only additional beverages available.

          2. We found the private room at Jane to be too small... and ended up having our rehearsal dinner at Antica Venezia, on 10th street at the west side highway. It was amazing. The room was a perfect size (we had about 50 people) and lovely, it was reasonably priced, tons of delicious food, and the owner/manager and staff were so accommodating. Everyone had a great time.

            1. I second Beacon-- we had our day after brunch there, and it was great. Our rehearsal dinner was at Bayards, way downtown on Hanover Square. It's a beautiful old place, they have lots of private rooms (it feels like a private house) and the food was excellent. I'd recommend them. At the time we did it (two years ago), they were open for dinner as a regular restaurant, I think now they may only do private events. Good luck!