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Aug 1, 2007 10:34 AM

Dining for foodie family in Santa Fe

Our family is going to be in Santa Fe for a week in the middle of August. We appreciate interesting food, both "fine" and more down-to-earth fare. What would be the "don't miss" places? Also, it is our wedding anniversary and I've made a reservation at Trattoria Nostrani. Is this place as good as its press?

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  1. Cowgirl BBQ is a fun place; get a table outside and people watch.

    1. My husband and I LOVE El Farol. It's a Spanish tapas restaurant and the food is fantistic! The wine list is great and the walk along the galleries to get there is wonderful too!

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      1. Yes, Trattoria Nostrani is as good as its press. Beware their strictly enforced fragrance free policy.

        I don't know the makeup of your family, so hard to imagine what you might like. It's Santa Fe, so you've got a lot of New Mexican that is done well and lot of other restaurants done not well.

        For a slice of SF life, I'd vote for Bobcat Bite, breakfast at Cafe Pasqual or the Santa Fe Baking Co. and the Plaza Diner. If you're looking for another pricey and excellent meal, I would pick The Compound. A new restaurant called Amavi has opened that is getting great word of mouth.

        I love drinks at El Farol, but I wouldn't bother with their tapas. Limited in imagination and not worth their price tag, in my opinion. The tapas at El Meson are better. La Boca is hot right now for tapas, but service is spotty and there may be a long wait if you have a large party or didn't make a reservation.

        Enjoy your stay.

        1. Fuego is superior to Trattoria Nostrani for a special occasion, the food is excellent at both, the wine lists are excellent at both, but the service is better at Fuego and the setting is more romantic, overall, a better place to have a very special relaxed anniversary dinner.