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Aug 1, 2007 10:31 AM

Renault Winery Restaurant or Marriott Seafood Prix Fix?

I am staying in the Marriott Seaview this coming weekend. I've read some information on the Renault Winery and noticed they have the gourmet restaurant in addition to the wine tasting and tour. Is the restaurant good? How expensive is it?

Is the Marriott Seaview Friday night seafood Harvest Six Course meal worth the $ 55 pp? My husband and I are in our early 40's, and not huge gamblers. We just are looking for a weekend to relax and maybe do some biking in the area.

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  1. We held a business affair at the RW a few years ago, the reviews were very positive. I think the $55 p/p is probably worth it, any decent dinner in the area - esp AC - is going to cost about the same. Not sure if uve been here, they do ALOT of weddings and also have a big timeshare section. Usually really crowded, u may want to make reservations soon. The RW gets VG reviews.

    1. The food is good at the Renault, but the wine is tolerable at most! I've heard really good things about the Marriott Seaview and I would think $55 for a 6 course meal is a good price. Have a good time!
      If you go into AC, I've recently eaten at the Knife and Fork Inn and it was fabulous! I think our bill for apps, dinner, dessert, and a glass of wine each came to about $100 + tip. But worth every penny! Very nice atmosphere as well.

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        I wish that I could consider Renault's wine to be "tolerable". As far as I am concerned, it is overly sweetened junk fit only for those who have never tasted good wine. If the consensus is that the food is decent, then you might want to eat there--but avoid the house wine!

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          I agree...the wine is awful..reminds me of the old days...Boone's Farm, Annie Greensprings, Bali Hai, etc. However, I'll go so far as to say that the wine is a notch above Mad Dog or Night Train Express.

      2. Renault Winery is more or less a Wedding place - the food is not very good in my opinion. I'm surprised to hear it gets good reviews. Seaview food is better, but overpriced. If you dont mind driving, Cape May has the best restaurants in the area. Dune in Margate or Sea Salt in Stone Harbor are a little closer. Atlantic City has recently added a lot of high end restaurants, but they are pretty expensive and in general have good food but bad service.

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          CM is a good hour to hour 1/2 from the Marriott -- and VERY dark at night. The MS is pretty well contained, you really dont have to leave. Take a stroll over at Smithville Village, down the road. Let us know how that buffet is if u do it.

        2. One of my friends lives next to RW and i would not eat or drink there unless forced. There are alot of good restaurants in AC and you do not have to pay a fortune. Ask some locals for mexican we like los amigos. We recently ate at Carmines in the Tropicana and the food was very good and the portions so big 4 or us ordered a salad and a special and were quite full our food bill was 48 dollars. The table next to us got Osso Bucco and it looked fantastic 3 big shanks for like 50, only offered on thursday though