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Aug 1, 2007 09:49 AM

Highland Diner, Ossining, NY

Does anyone know if this place is open again? Are they under new management? If so, is the food still good?

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  1. I drove by last week, and it was not open yet. There was a huge sign up that they were hiring, though, and it does look like work has stopped. The windows were still covered up, as far as I could see.

    1. It is under new management, but it doesn't look as though they're done renovating yet.

      1. There is now a sign on the restaurant that it will open August 20th. The name has been changed to Riverview Diner, I believe (the sign was hard to read!).

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          1. re: theatmosphere

            I drove past about an hour ago, and sure enough, it looked open! Cars and people and everything! Shall we all meet for dinner? :p

            1. re: marmite

              I don't want to be the guinea pig. ; ) You go and report back!

              1. re: marmite

                I tried to post this earlier but my browser had a brain freeze and it didn't take.

                Anyway, I forgot to mention before that I heard a rumor at a dinner party this weekend that the new owners are going to concentrate on authentic Greek food.

            2. My wife & I went there this evening. Since it was only the two of us, we didn't get enough different items to really give this a thorough evaluation.

              I had the meatloaf dinner. The meatloaf had a bit of a tomato sauce on the top, not my choice when it comes to meatloaf. There was also bacon on top which I did enjoy. All in all the meatloaf was good. My wife had the Hennesey Salmon (there answer to TGI Friday's Jack Daniels line?). She didn't really taste the Hennesey, but thought the fish was good and the dish tasty.

              We still plan on heading back there to check out their breakfast fare and the lunch menu.

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              1. re: ltlevy

                Is it all booths inside? From my quick glance, that looked like the set up...

                1. re: theatmosphere

                  No, it is not all booths. There is the typical diner counter and there is a back room with tables also.

                  I should also add, since I forgot on my original post, that although the menu contains most of the typical diner items, it doesn't weigh as much as a copy of War and Peace as most diner menu do.

                  1. re: ltlevy

                    Had to comment on this!

                    I went with a party of 4 for late Sunday breakfast (11 AM.) We waited 10 minutes to be seated although there were booths/tables free. The manager/owner was clearly frazzled...he was running aroung and his shirt with his untucked shirt flapping in the breeze. He explained that thay had hoped for a "soft" opening but it had been crazy all week.

                    We were told that the delay in our seating was due to the fact that a table had to be cleaned. Fair enough. We we arrived at the table, it was not set and littered with strw wrappers...not a good sign. Ten more waiter. We finally flagged down the owner/manager for coffee whic, by the way remained without refill for our entire visit.

                    To make a long story short, we waited over an hour for breakfast in a half-filled diner. Our waiter was rude (when he finally showed up.) And our orders, when they finally did come out, came out wrong. The bacon was overdone, the corned beef hash looked (and tasted) terrible, and the pancakes had a verry odd after-taste...almost metallic. I can accept a few "kinks" in a new restaurant but this was way beyond that level.

                    The owner/manager took care of the bill without our asking. He just kept saying he was sorry and shaking his head. Not good.

                    1. re: plg

                      we were there Sat. morning and everything was quite good. The owner came over and talked to us, he was totally frazzled but was very personable and seems to understand the staffing problems and wants to make this work.

                      The food was spot on and quite good.

                      I'd say give it a couple of weeks and try it again...

                      Let's not write off a new restaurnat that is having growing pains and is well aware of them.

                      1. re: SLO

                        I was also there Saturday morning. Service was fine, food arrived promptly. Place was half full at most. Eggs, bacon, and sausage were perfectly good. In fact the sausages were good enough to actually finish, which I rarely do at diners. The pancakes, though, were weird. Very yellow, with dry, crumbly texture. This, and the flavor, gave me the impression they'd been made with cornmeal. That might be to some people's taste, but not mine. I hardly touched them.

                        Also, they really should serve real butter instead of little tubs of fake spread.

              2. My mother and I went in yesterday for lunch around 1 pm. There were several booths free, but the hostess said it would be a few minutes. After a few minutes had passed, we told her we'd take the free booth in the corner and she said she'd be along momentarily with our menus. She wasn't. Eventually the waitress came by and asked if we were ready, to which we replied that we needed menus first.

                When the food arrived, I was pleased. I had ordered grilled cheese with tomato and avocado, and it actually arrived with tomato and real pieces of avocado! And no one had even told me they couldn't do it, which has happened in other local diners (ahem, Pleasantville). My mother also enjoyed her food. The green salad I ordered on the side was acceptable if somewhat boring for $5, with iceberg lettuce and 2 pieces of cucumber, and the italian dressing was strangely foamy. ?

                The owner came by once or twice and asked how everything was, and thanked us profusely for coming in. I do think they have a few kinks to work out with the wait staff. While our very young waitress was pleasant, she was not particularly efficient (asking my mother if she wants more coffee, then taking away her coffee cup and returning 10 minutes later with a different cup and no saucer). But I'm just being nitpicky in the interest of full disclosure. Overall we had a positive experience and will probably return.