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Aug 1, 2007 09:41 AM

Dinner in Sandusky, Ohio ????

Need suggestions for a place to eat dinner in Sandusky, Ohio for next weekend. Not sure what type of food or whether we want fancy or informal, but open to all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. my suggestion is to go to nearby port clinton/marblehead, where many hotels are.

    get your local walleye and perch at the classic and very informal great lakes restaurant JOLLY ROGER. we just ate there last week on a drive around ohio on a visit home -- fine as ever! get the onion rings over the fries and a side of hush puppies, which have a spicy tang. also, to drink have their sun tea -- free refills.

    MON AMI and ANGRY TROUT are more formal restaurants.

    also, look for toft's ice cream, a regional specialty. they have a parlor in sandusky, but you can easily find it elsewhere, if not inside cedar point itself.

    look for local wines too. the best known style is ice wine.

    if you want something else to do for a day take the ferry to put-in-bay (an island) and climb the perry monument. you can find the ferry there at catawba island (not an island, its on the peninsula -- not as confusing when you are there as it sounds lol!).

    have fun in ohio's vacationland and i hope you report back!

    1. If you enjoy fine dining and French food, about 20 miles east of Sandusky on the lake is the town of Vermilion, where you'll find Chez Francois. This is an outstanding restaurant, with an informal outdoor cafe as well as a formal dining room (jackets required for gentlemen). I've eaten there several times in the past couple of years and it has been consistently excellent.