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Aug 1, 2007 09:39 AM

PLEASE.. help me plan a simple dinner for tonight!

I want to cook dinner for my boyfriend and I tonight and I am having trouble thinking of a fresh and creative meal plan. I want to make something relatively simple with only a few ingredients, but really good. I was thinking maybe steamed artichokes and chicken (maybe just pounded, skinless, boneless filets dipped in egg mixture, flour and then sauteed, topped with lemon?). Maybe some really good fruit for dessert or a peach crumble sort of thing? Is this really boring? Does anyone have any better ideas or recipes? It doesn't need to be complicated, but I am getting bored of making the same things every night!!!! (plain sauteed chicken with either tomato and cucumber on the side or a salad of spinach, nuts, strawberries or dried cranberries and goat cheese.) My boyfriend has been trying to eat healthy which is making it hard for me to think outside of the box. Please help me! Does anyone have any other ideas, recipes or suggestions? I won't have a ton of time, but I want to change up our routine! Thank you!!

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  1. We love to make rubs for pork tenderloin (see Michael Chiarellos Fennel Spice rub) and roast some asparagus and tomatoes as a side dish. It is one of those meals that leaves you satisfied all around - and isn't heavy at all!

    1. I love the Vietnamese-Style Grilled Steak with Noodles from Epicurious. I have used several different types of lean steaks and have most of the ingredients on hand--only needed to buy mint and a red pepper (I substitute julienned cucumber for the bean sprouts). It is tasty, quick, healthy and the mint gives it a great freshness that I especially love when it is hot outside like it is now!!

      1. How about quail instead of chicken?

        I love it, especially the semi-deboned which is so, so easy to grill/George Forman-ize, sautee.

        You can stuff them with almost anything (I personally like figs, but go crazy), and they only take a very few minutes to cook.

        You'll look like a "gourmetgal" without having to tell the BF how simple it is.

        (Hints: while I like a simple salt and pepper and paprikia [for color mainly] prep, another one of my quail favs is a simple raspberry jam-mixed-with-Korean-chili-sauce glaze.)

        1. There was a very simple recipe in this weeks NYT mag for pasta with roasted tomatoes, basil & mozz. Also, the 10 min mains at can be helpful!

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            That pasta recipe does sound good.

            Or what about pesto with pasta and/or chicken?

          2. My go-to simple, fresh dinner is shrimp scampi. Takes no time too. BF loves it and not too awful for you. When I did weight watchers I could fit it into my plan. I usually make a simple green salad with shaved parm. This recipe from Gourmet is a piece of cake!