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Best 6th Steet Indian Restaurant?

Hey, what do you think is the best 6th Street Indian restaurant, that not only has good food, but is nice to dine-in. I'm going with my dad tonight and I'd like to have a place picked out asap.

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      I was a huge fan of Mitali (if it's still there)....

    2. brick Lane curry House

      1. Haven't been there in over a year, but they used to have very good food at reasonable prices at Spice Cove.

        1. Where'd you end up eating?

          1. Thanks for all the posts...we were all set to go to Banjara, which as it turns out, I've eaten at before and loved, I just couldn't remember the name. But in the end, we were too lazy to walk to extra block to 1st ave and ate at, damn, I can't remember the name but I had eaten there years ago too and loved it...it's on 2nd Ave, on the corner of 6th st, on the east side of the street. It starts with an H...anyways, it was great. We shared naan or some other type of bread, stuffed with potatoes. I had a lamb dish in a spicy sauce that simmered with tomatoes, peppers and onions. Everything was great and they even gave a scoop of ice cream at the end. I'd def. recommend it if I could remember the name.

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                  Second the recommendation.

                  100 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003