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Aug 1, 2007 09:26 AM

Fort Lauderdale suggestions

Have never been to Fort Lauderdale before, but looking for restaurant suggestions for Fort Lauderdale (Las Olas, Riverwalk area)--not too pricey for a party of six or seven-- but good food--American, Italian, or Spanish. Thanks

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  1. What does "not too pricey" mean to you? Depending upon where you're coming from it varies widely.

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    1. re: pilches

      Good point! Would like to keep the entrees to under $30 p/person

      1. re: jmol11

        Those are some good recs. I would also include Chima for a meat extravaganza.

    2. On Las Olas, pick Johnny V but you need reservation as it is a place to see and be seen. Former Iron Chef looser but the cheese plates are pretty cool. Mark's on Las Olas is pretty cool and loud. Las Olas Cafe is very good also and has a "quieter" vibe

        1. re: Sobe

          Good recs. I also like Valentino, on Davie Blvd and US1. I hear Crossain'Time is good for breakfast.

          1. re: amyvc

            Crossaintime is good for lunch too, I need to try Valentino's...

          2. re: Sobe

            i was only thinking las olas but your list is awesome. my favorite is canyon but the problem is they don't take reservacations. Hi-Life's chef was recently on Top Chef, the TV show, if you didn't know

            1. re: Sobe

              I forgot Himmarshee which is in the Las Olas area


              1. re: Sobe

                I had the shrimp at cafe De paris last night. It was to die for!! Not a bad place considering were arrived for dinner at 10:15pm! I suggest eating inside. Seemed like service was better. We had no problems with the food oe the service. Desert could have been a little sweeter but all in all it was worth it. We had tried eating at a few other places but they turned us down because it was "too late". Las olas wasn't packed but it wasn't dead. Several people arrived following us to be turned down by these places who didn't want to stay open later for the obvious late rush. Not at cafe de paris,, they welcomed us and treated us great!

                  1. re: jmol11

                    I have enjoyed Bistro Mezzaluna. I have also had some really great lunches at Max's on the Beach. Does anyone know if it's still there and do they offer that awesome lunch deal still?