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Aug 1, 2007 09:06 AM

Help me find chowhound risotto recipe posting

I have searched and searched and I am looking for, but cannot find, the posting from months ago regarding a risotto.
The poster was extremely precise and adament about following every step to the letter and I think it had some gorgonzola or dolce cheese in it and some said it was too rich.
It was humourous and informational all in one. I have tried the search feature, but frankly, it needs to have more detailed search options (title name, poster, specific blog, etc).
I want to pass it on to a friend who is somewhat of a recipe dicatator herself.
Hope you can help.

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    I've always been curious about it, but afraid to try it!

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      I have made the recipe and was afraid that the amount of cheese called for would be overpowering so I held some back but eventually put it all in because it mellows and is fine. I followed the recipe to the letter with the exception of the cooking time which was way too fast for my taste. Many risotto recipes call for 20 min. cooking time(and this calls for less) but almost all the top restaurants in the U.S. and Italy that I have been to make risotto with a texture very similar to the way I make it which takes 30 to 40 min. -it still is al dente but creamy not separate. The risotto was exceptional. I bought my cheese from Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge and used top quality butter.