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Aug 1, 2007 08:56 AM

[MSP] Best Minneapolis Skyway Chow

I've searched the boards and have found postings related to this topic, but no thread specific to it. I'm new to the downtown area and am enjoying wandering the skyways at lunch. I've tried a few recommendations (and am a new fan of Zen Box) but want to make sure I don't miss anything. So, what are you favorites in the skyway? [Street-level is ok too, but don't make me walk outside when winter is here!] Thanks for your input!

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  1. Welcome! Here's a reasonably recent thread you might find helpful. And, heck, forget winter, who wants to go outside when it's this HOT out.


    1. A few of my favorites (centered on 5th and Marquette):

      1) Sorrento - Pretty good red sauce place in the Soo Line building. Their portions are gigantic. The spinach lasagna (served only on Thursdays?) is a guilty pleasure. I haven't tried their pizza.

      2) The Burger Place (formerly L. Phillips) - My favorite burger place in the skyway - next door to Sorrento.

      3) My Burger - My 2nd favorite burger place - in 6 Quebec. They have pretty good shakes too.

      4) Andrea Pizza - In the (formerly) Towle Building. Maybe the best slice downtown. Reminds me of slices from my days in NY (but I'm not going to argue about it.)

      5) The Mexican place and the Chinese place in the Towle building are also half decent for a meal (if not entirely authentic), as is the Greek (?) place next to the hot dog place. (Sorry I don't know the names of these restaurants.)

      5) Good to Go - In the (formerly) Pillsbury Center. Great wraps. They're one of the few places in the skyway that actually serves jalapenos.

      6) Turtle Bread Co. - Soups, sandwiches and pastries in One Financial Plaza.

      The Burger Place (L Philip's Cafe)
      501 Marquette Ave Ste 220, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      My Burger
      601 Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      Sorrento Pizza & Pasta
      105 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      Andrea Pizza
      273 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55401

      Good to Go
      200 S 6th St Ste 275, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      Turtle Bread Co
      120 S 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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      1. re: bob s

        I adore Good to Go. We moved office buildings and its more of a walk but its excellent.

        D Brians is also a decent bet. Great soups, sandwiches & salads. Various locations.....

      2. My favorite place is Lyon's on 6th Pub. You can get to it on the skyway via City Center crossing over to the Plymouth Building then go down to the first floor and enter from inside.

        Cosi in the IDS is accessible from the Skyway as is Panera Bread.

        1. My favorite slice is at Mama's in the US Bank building. They slice 'em huge, and it's a very fresh taste.

          1. One of my favorite places is the lunch buffet at Bombay Bistro for $10. It is on street level in the Metro building on Marquette between 8th & 9th Street and has skyway access. They serve an equal number of vegetarian and non-veg entrees every day.

            Another favorite is Zelino, the take-out version of Zelo. You can get a huge piece of delicious lasagna and a hunk of bread for $9. It's delicious and easily big enough for two meals. They tend to run out of lasagna by 1:30, however, so don't wait too long. They also have great soups, salads, and sandwiches. I am partial to the turkey & brie sandwich myself. They are located inside the Medical Arts building on the ground level, behind Zelo.

            Andrea Pizza also has a location on the skyway level of the Highland Bank building, which may be a more convenient location if your office is on that side of downtown.

            Greek Grill in the CityCenter skyway is a nice one to add to your repertoire as well. Gyros, kebabs, etc. Very tasty. I like getting my combo meals with rice instead of french fries for something a little healthier.

            The Brothers Deli in 50 S. 6th (the Dorsey Building) across from Chipotle is another fantastic place. Authentic New York Pastrami sandwiches. And if your office ever uses their lunch catering service, be sure to request the potato salad.

            Please do continue adding to this thread as you discover more places in the skyways that bear a repeat visit. I'm always looking for new places too.

            A good skyway map that includes building names can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page: It is from 2005 so a few of the restaurant names are out of date..

            Bombay Bistro
            820 Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55402

            Brothers Deli
            50 S 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

            831 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402

            Andrea Pizza
            811 Lasalle Ave Ste 202, Minneapolis, MN 55402

            Greek Grill
            40 S 7th St Ste 328, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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            1. re: StPauliGirl

              I second the Zelino and Brothers suggestions. I love Zelino's turkey and brie with apricot marmalade sandwich, and the Brother Lem (turkey/coleslaw) sandwich at Brothers. Brothers has the added bonus of having popovers! I'd also mention that there's a huge food area in the basement of Macy's. Lots of take out pasta salads, build your own sandwich or salad, pizzas, Lee Ann Chin, bakery, sushi, soups, etc.

              1. re: drew13000

                I have not been to Macy's in the past few months, but there was a note in the Strib on June 21 ( that said that "700 Express" had closed. I don't know if that means all of the food stands or not. Perhaps someone has been there recently.

                bob s

                1. re: bob s

                  700 Express was a small sit-down restaurant in the basement. It is closed, but all the other food counters are still open.

                  The Skyroom cafeteria on the 12th floor is still open too. Massive salad bar!

                  1. re: StPauliGirl

                    Thanks for the clarification SPG. I'd heartily recommend the salad bar in the Skyroom as the best food in Macy's.