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Aug 1, 2007 08:45 AM
Discussion are the dogs?

I was picking up the dry cleaning yesterday and saw a "Sonic Coming Soon" sign across the street. I live in Richmond, VA where a good hot dog is an endangered species. How are the dogs at Sonic? Any other recommendations? Things to avoid?

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  1. never had a hot dog from sonic. but love their limeades and slushies. their cookie dough blast is good too....

    1. Sonic, which I ate a lot while growing up, is best at offering a good drink selection. You can add flavored syrup to any drink to create your own custom thirst quencher. As an adult, drinks are the only thing I still get at Sonic and some people will tell you they are too sweet. For me, nostalgia + sugary syrup + crushed ice = smile on my face.
      As a kid, my mom used to take me to Sonic for chili dogs and tater tots. I loved them, but looking back they probably weren't that good. The hotdogs are nothing special...not all natural, not all-beef, not well-seasoned, no crisp skin...just a standard weiner. I should try one again sometime just for a comparison with my memory.

      Their burgers are decent for fast food. Thin patty cooked on a griddle. They remind me of a Dairy Queen burger.

      1. BLT

        maybe with an egg for breakfast

        I get a dog with chili, mustard and onions. Tots.

        Too many beverage choices to mention. Depends on mood. If it was today:Coconut shake.

        1. From what I recall, the dogs are nothing special, not bad, just standard. However, they have excellent lemon-berry real fruit slushes and onion rings. I lived on those things in high school.

          1. I used to get the chili cheese dog and while it's decent, I always felt like the bun overwhelmed everything. It's a long, thin weiner, so it can get a little lost, but it's OK if you have a craving.

            I always ended up choosing Sonic only when other options were closed. It was never my first choice, but I also never tried the drinks they have, which is what they're more known for, I guess.