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Sonic....how are the dogs?

I was picking up the dry cleaning yesterday and saw a "Sonic Coming Soon" sign across the street. I live in Richmond, VA where a good hot dog is an endangered species. How are the dogs at Sonic? Any other recommendations? Things to avoid?

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  1. never had a hot dog from sonic. but love their limeades and slushies. their cookie dough blast is good too....

    1. Sonic, which I ate a lot while growing up, is best at offering a good drink selection. You can add flavored syrup to any drink to create your own custom thirst quencher. As an adult, drinks are the only thing I still get at Sonic and some people will tell you they are too sweet. For me, nostalgia + sugary syrup + crushed ice = smile on my face.
      As a kid, my mom used to take me to Sonic for chili dogs and tater tots. I loved them, but looking back they probably weren't that good. The hotdogs are nothing special...not all natural, not all-beef, not well-seasoned, no crisp skin...just a standard weiner. I should try one again sometime just for a comparison with my memory.

      Their burgers are decent for fast food. Thin patty cooked on a griddle. They remind me of a Dairy Queen burger.

      1. BLT

        maybe with an egg for breakfast

        I get a dog with chili, mustard and onions. Tots.

        Too many beverage choices to mention. Depends on mood. If it was today:Coconut shake.

        1. From what I recall, the dogs are nothing special, not bad, just standard. However, they have excellent lemon-berry real fruit slushes and onion rings. I lived on those things in high school.

          1. I used to get the chili cheese dog and while it's decent, I always felt like the bun overwhelmed everything. It's a long, thin weiner, so it can get a little lost, but it's OK if you have a craving.

            I always ended up choosing Sonic only when other options were closed. It was never my first choice, but I also never tried the drinks they have, which is what they're more known for, I guess.

            1. I don't mind Sonic once and awhile. I like the dogs with chili cheese and onion. With a large order of tots or onion rings and a limeaid. I like the cranberry limeaide myself.

              1. Hot dogs always come with chili and cheese at Sonic for a reason. The dog itself is pretty tasteless.

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                  You can get just a hot dog and ask for mustard (comes in a little package) or onions or however you like it. They also have a corn dog as well.

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                    The corn dogs are pretty good, and fairly cheap. We used to get cheese coneys there. I don't remember ever just eating a dog. My favorite has always been the hickory burger, which isn't available in every location. I also like their grilled chicken wraps and breakfast burritos. And of course you have to get a limeade (I like strawberry limeades)--although last summer we got limeades from three or four different Sonic locations and found some of them weren't making real limeades but were just doing Sprite with flavorings.

                2. The onion rings are pretty darn good. I like the Ocean Water drink...which is Sprite with their blue coconut syrup, but I like it. I also like their bacon cheeseburgers...messy and good, especially before or after a night of drinking, but I wouldn't know that from experience...no, not at all... *coughcough*